Ranisha Chandra

Ranisha Chandra

Compliance Officer, Auckland Council
Bachelor of Science

The variety is what she enjoys most about her career, says Bachelor of Science alumna Ranisha Chandra who now works as a compliance officer at Auckland Council.

“My job involves dealing with the legislation and gaining compliance within our community.

“Every day in this role is different, and I enjoy the challenges I face on a daily basis.”

An enjoyable university journey
For Ranisha, the journey towards the career she has now started with deciding to study science at AUT.

“What I liked most about the Bachelor of Science is that the degree enabled me to be flexible with my studies. I enjoyed taking courses across the areas of environmental sciences and microbiology.”

She had a number of highlights throughout her time at AUT.

“I particularly enjoyed the field trips that were part of the science degree as they gave me hands-on experience. I also enjoyed the environmental law and environmental risk assessment courses. They inspired me to find a career that allows me to apply legislation to help educate the importance of our environment.”

Feeling well-prepared
She feels that her studies prepared her well for the career she has now, says Ranisha who graduated from AUT in mid-2021.

“My studies at AUT have allowed me to gain analytical skills and to develop a professional skillset for my career.”

She also has some great advice for other students who are only at the start of their university journey.

“My advice for other students is to keep striving.”

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