Rain Roque

Rain Roque

Master of Communication Studies student
Bachelor of Communication Studies in Digital Media

She has always known that she wanted to do something creative, says Rain Roque who came to AUT to enrol in a communication studies degree.

“From a relatively early age I had a fair idea that I wanted to do something creative, ideally in the realm of graphic design, 3D visualisation and video making. Ultimately, I’d like to have my own creative business of some kind, whether it be photography, videography, design or a fusion of those three.”

Deciding which university to attend was an easy decision, Rain says.

“AUT’s Bachelor of Communication Studies was the natural and obvious choice for me. I also liked that AUT is well-known for its ‘practical’ style of teaching, which is especially important for a course like communication studies and especially digital media.

“Visiting the campus at AUT LIVE, AUT’s open day, confirmed my decision. Seeing the high-quality equipment and vibrant environment helped me envision the amazing experience I would have. What’s so great about this is that my experience was just what I had expected based on the open day, information booklets and online videos. They really put you in the TV studio and let you operate cameras from day one. Every class is full of new experiences.”

Taking her knowledge further
After completing her Bachelor of Communication Studies at the end of 2019, Rain decided to expand her knowledge even further and continued into postgraduate study at AUT.

“I had always considered further study, and thankfully the scholarship I was given presented me with the perfect opportunity to pursue postgraduate study. For my master’s degree research, I’m investigating the romantic relationships of 1.5 generation Asian New Zealanders, and how their parents’ expectations affect these relationships.

“My research aims to explore these young adults’ personal experiences and examine how New Zealand values may merge or contradict with aspects of their Asian culture and beliefs when it comes to dating. I hope my research makes a difference to my community by improving the way parents and children communicate with each other, especially about romantic relationships.”

Rain says she is grateful for the guidance by her supervisor, Dr Gudrun Frommherz from AUT’s School of Communication Studies.

“She’s an incredible woman and the most supportive lecturer and supervisor. I’m very fortunate to have her as my supervisor as she has made everything seem less daunting for a first-time postgraduate student like myself.”

An enjoyable university experience
She would highly recommend AUT’s communication studies programmes to other students, Rain says.

“It’s an extremely worthwhile programme where everything you learn is valuable. The content, the expert academic staff and the student culture really make you feel part of a family. If you know you want to do something communications-related in the future but are unsure what to major in, you’re bound to find your calling through the Bachelor of Communication Studies. It gives you a ‘taste of everything’ and lets you pursue what you love the most.”

She has had plenty of highlights throughout her time at AUT.

“I enjoyed receiving assignments that were genuinely exciting, spending many late nights working on them, and receiving positive feedback from my tutors and peers. AD Narayan has been a particularly great inspiration for me. Amazing tutors like him who have real industry experience serve as living proof that you can have a successful creative career as long as you love what you do and are entirely committed to it.

“I also really enjoyed the good friends I’ve made throughout the degree, and being surrounded by likeminded people. I think communication studies students are usually very sociable, which really adds to the experience as every class is made more enjoyable knowing that you’ll always have a friend there.”

*The Digital Media major is now called Digital Communication.

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