Qingyi Zhang

Qingyi Zhang

Doctor of Philosophy candidate
Master of International Hospitality Management

She is fascinated by the history of hospitality, says Qingyi Zhang who came to AUT as an international student from China and is currently completing her PhD.

“My doctoral research focuses on hospitality in China during the Tang dynasty, between the years 618 and 902. It’s so beautiful to explore how people more than a thousand years ago performed hospitality activities. More excitingly, our ancestors’ manifestation of hospitality could have a profound influence on today’s hospitality practices.

“My PhD research is part of a bigger research scheme; the history of hospitality in China. I would like to do more work in this field. I love history, and I’m aware of the power of history. As a hospitality student I came to realise the importance of historical study in this area because there are currently not enough studies related to the history of hospitality.”

Attracted by the expertise
Qingyi initially came to AUT to study a Master of International Hospitality Management.

“I chose to pursue a master’s degree in hospitality because I intended to build a career in the tourism and hospitality industry. The hospitality and tourism industries present a great chance for development in both China and New Zealand. I chose the Master of International Hospitality Management at AUT because it has strong links to the hospitality industry.”

She would highly recommend AUT’s hospitality programmes to others, Qingyi says.

“For people who are planning their career in the area of hospitality and tourism, I would recommend the undergraduate programme and the master’s degree offered at AUT. For people who want to explore tourism and hospitality from an academic perspective, as I do, I would highly recommend the PhD in hospitality.”

Encouraged to succeed
The encouragement from her supervisors gave Qingyi the confidence to continue into a PhD.

“My supervisors are just wonderful! They’re knowledgeable about hospitality and tourism, creative, supportive and always open to new ideas from other disciplines.

“They’ve shown me how wonderful the academic journey can be and helped me build the confidence to pursue a PhD.”

She would like to continue her academic journey, Qingyi says.

“I love doing research, and enjoy interacting with academic resources. Eventually, I want to obtain a teaching position and transfer my knowledge of hospitality and tourism to my students, just as my supervisors do.”

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