Qifeng (Conner) Chen

Qifeng (Conner) Chen

Master of Business Management student

He thoroughly enjoyed the learning environment at AUT International House, says Qifeng (Conner) Chen, an international student from China who came to New Zealand to study the GIE English language programme before enrolling in postgraduate business study at AUT.

“I enjoyed that AUT International House has modern classrooms, and the teachers are so friendly and helpful. They were always willing to help me if I had any problems and gave me some helpful advice.”

Conner says he would highly recommend the GIE programme at AUT International House to other students.

“Studying at International House can help you improve your English, achieve your academic goals and prepare you for further study, and it gives you the opportunity to make new friends, and experience the beauty of Auckland.”

A welcoming environment
New Zealand is a friendly country, Conner says.

“I’ve enjoyed  getting on with the friendly and nice people who I asked to help me, whether they were my teachers, my classmates or strangers who are working or studying at AUT.”

His advice for other students is to try to make new friends and attend as many events and activities as you can.

“If you’re an international student, making new friends from other countries and attending activities can help you explore different cultures, improve your English and help you deal with loneliness.”

Preparing for a career as a business creator
Having completed the GIE programme in June, Conner is now looking forward to starting his Master of Business Management at AUT in October.

“My plan is to create my own business in the future, most likely in the service industry or the travel industry. The Master of Business Management is therefore the best study option for me because it covers the fundamental knowledge, concepts and business management skills I will need to achieve this goal.”

Because AUT International House is based on the AUT City Campus, Conner already has a good idea what to expect from postgraduate study at AUT.

“I’m enjoying the convenience of AUT’s modern campus and look forward to learning useful knowledge, such as the course on accounting for financial and managerial decision-making.”

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