Pushti Shah

Pushti Shah

Final-year student, Bachelor of Business in Information Systems and Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences in IT Service Science conjoint programmes

She has always been passionate about technology and how it changes society, says Pushti Shah who is studying business and computing at AUT.

“I want to understand how the changes in technology impact the way business is conducted. By studying business and computing I’ll be able to play my part in driving the change to build a better working world.

“What I love most about my studies are all of the practical tasks – we’ve created a ticket booking application system, a human resource management database, an interactive website and even a sales pitch video. Through all of these assignments I can directly apply the theoretical aspects of my learning and understand how I can leverage them in the real world.”

Interning at EY
Now in her final year, Pushti enjoyed honing her skills through a summer internship at EY.

“I was first introduced to EY and the summer internship through a workshop held at AUT. I was impressed by what EY had to offer and I applied for the internship. It has been everything I expected and more. I got to work with great people on some exciting projects, while picking up both technical and core consulting skills.”

Her internship has also given Pushti a good idea of what she would like to do when she graduates.

“I’m really enjoying the consulting world thanks to EY. I would like to continue working in the IT performance improvement area, interacting with businesses and helping them improve their processes by using IT. I also want to progress further as a robotic process automation developer.”

Choosing AUT
Deciding where to study at university was easy, Pushti says.

“I chose AUT for a few reasons. Firstly, because we get the option of selecting a computing major, which means we get an understanding of the different aspects of computer science but can also specialise in a field of our choice. I also appreciated that AUT’s teaching gives us the chance to apply everything we’ve learnt.

“The overall culture of AUT is fantastic. There’s a wide range of support for students to use, and the campuses are designed to create a safe, collaborative and comfortable environment. It’s a great place to learn but also to create some life-long friendships and memories.”

She would highly recommend AUT to other students, Pushti says.

“I would absolutely recommend studying here. AUT does everything it can to set students up to succeed. It’s a great platform and can enable us to do great things.”

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