Ponleu Koy

Ponleu Koy

Chief, IT Security Section, National Bank of Cambodia, Phnom Penh
Master of Information Security and Digital Forensics

He came to AUT to widen his field of expertise, says Master of Information Security and Digital Forensics alumnus Ponleu Koy who is now a security consultant and penetration tester at the National Bank of Cambodia.

“I was working in programming at the National Bank of Cambodia and wanted to further my knowledge of security because I believe it’s an important issue for organisations today. When we think about technology we should not just think about how to make it work but also about how to make it safe.

“I thought it would be a good benefit for me to have skills in information security for my work in Cambodia and I would be able to make a difference with this knowledge.”

An ever-changing field
Security changes all the time, Ponleu says.

“Security is a field that is always changing, so you have to practise your skills a lot and try to keep up with technology. I love this career because it’s knowledge that’s in demand right now and I have a lot of things I need to learn more about.

“I find it interesting how a programme can write an application, which I then analyse to see if it follows best practice standards and if it has any weaknesses. I also inspect any suspicious activities to see if there’s any malware coming through the firewalls. If anything happens, I then use my forensic skills to capture evidence. Being able to use the skills I learned in my studies is cool.”

He also enjoys sharing his understanding of information security and digital forensics with the next generation.

“In addition to my work at the National Bank of Cambodia, I also teach students at the National University of Management about forensics and security. I often use the methodology I was taught at AUT with my students now.”

Fond memories
He still remembers his time at AUT fondly, says Ponleu who graduated in 2017.

“I can’t forget my time at AUT – it was really amazing. The way they taught me helped me develop useful skills and become more mature, and also introduced me to new skills, including research skills. I hadn’t experienced doing research before but AUT encouraged me to always read, analyse and do research before proposing any new ideas to your organisation. I always apply this in my work now.”

For Ponleu, the people were among the highlights of his time at AUT.

“The first time I came to AUT and met my lecturers and other students was very inspiring. I had great relationships with my friends and learned a lot of skills from them. They always helped if I had any problems, and I could count on them. It’s about the community at AUT – everyone is helping each other.”

*The Master of Information Security and Digital Forensics is now called Master of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

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