Paul Fedorchenko

Paul Fedorchenko

Complex Care Coordinator, Geneva Healthcare
Bachelor of Health Science in Health Management

Healthcare has always been part of his world, says health sciences alumnus Paul Fedorchenko who came to New Zealand as an international student from Russia.

“Having been raised in a family of a surgeon and a doctor, the importance of maintaining adequate physical and mental health was always prioritised and emphasised during my upbringing. There was no doubt that I was going to follow in my parents’ footsteps. The real dilemma was choosing which field of healthcare I was going to specialise in.”

As someone who is passionate about healthcare, organising and leading projects, studying health management was a perfect match for Paul.

“At the time of choosing my degree, AUT had recently started offering the Bachelor of Health Science in Health Management due to an immense demand for health management staff worldwide. After visiting several AUT-run workshops and seeing how much this university focuses on real-life experience, and how much it invests in helping students excel, it was evident that enrolling with AUT was the right choice.

“Choosing a degree and a university can be challenging and is usually deemed as one of the most important decisions one can take at an early stage in life, especially in our modern world of countless opportunities. This is why I am glad to have chosen AUT. I’d encourage everyone else to do the same.”

The right university environment
The people he met were the highlight of his time at AUT, says Paul who combined his Health Management major with a Business Management minor.

“Being in an educational environment with a purpose and vision, and surrounded by likeminded peers and supportive university staff cheering for your success is an invaluable asset. I have made lifelong friends within my own degree and other programmes at AUT. As an international student in New Zealand, making friends was one of my main goals, and I’m thankful to AUT for providing me with this opportunity.”

His studies also opened his eyes to future opportunities the health sector may offer.

“During my courses on health informatics and health records management I came to realise how rapidly the health sector is going digital. I saw an immense demand for professionals who can create a robust structure for our health sector to ensure it operates smoothly within the new boundaries dictated by the ever-developing requirements of a constantly changing world. This has led me to consider studying a master’s degree with a focus on IT and digital health systems.”

Making a difference
After graduating from AUT at the end of 2020, Paul now enjoys making a difference to patients through his role as a complex care coordinator at Geneva Healthcare.

“My job involves managing a nationwide portfolio consisting of patients with challenging health conditions. Most of them are paralysed or have severe development delays. On a daily basis, I manage patients’ support teams and resolve any upcoming problems with the provision of care. Knowing that my input improves people’s lives every day and makes a tremendous difference in their quality of life regardless of the severity of the patient’s health condition is above joy.”

In his role now, he constantly draws on the skills he developed throughout his studies, Paul says.

“Healthcare is for people provided by people, which is why the soft skills I’ve strived to improve while I was at university came in extremely handy. Not only does healthcare require you to interact with people of all cultures and ages, but often you will also liaise with funders and various statutory bodies. With such responsibility comes the demand for timekeeping, quick decision-making and an ability to provide results effectively and efficiently. All these factors combined make up for a lion’s share of success and the wellbeing of the communities we look after.”

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