Patricia Te Whatu

Patricia Te Whatu

Student, Bachelor of Architecture and Future Environments


She has always loved designing and creating things, says Patricia Te Whatu who is currently completing a Bachelor of Architecture and Future Environments.

“I chose to study architecture because I’ve always had a passion for creating and designing, and a fascination with how things are put together.

“Once I graduate I’d like to be involved in an architecture firm that aims to help the environment; a place where I can learn from other creatives with the same mindset. I’d love to work in a firm that is about more than just architecture; a firm that is a collaborative space of creatives.”

Insightful and inspiring
As one of AUT’s first group of architecture students, Patricia is excited to be part of such a new and innovative programme.

“I was fascinated by how the Bachelor of Architecture and Future Environments is different in terms of teaching, and is more based on the environment and our current state of the world. I felt that the degree would be awesome and since this is the first year of an architecture programme at AUT, I was super pumped to be a part of that.”

It’s a decision she hasn’t regretted.

“All of my lecturers are so passionate about what they do and they bring their experiences into our learnings; it’s so refreshing and inspiring. I feel that I vibe off their creativity and am able to harness that into my own projects. I’ve been absolutely loving designing our ruma ora spaces, where we are given the opportunity to create models and photographs, and use Adobe software to create digitally.

“If you love creating and learning about materials, and how you can help the environment when you become an architect, the Bachelor of Architecture and Future Environments is for you. it’s really such an insightful and fun programme.”

Supported to thrive
Studying during the global COVID-19 pandemic has had its challenges, Patricia admits.

“I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a rough time. In saying that, moving to online study during the higher alert levels has created opportunities to connect with my lecturers and peers on a deeper level. The situation has also given me the opportunity to upskill and learn new programmes to communicate with my lecturers and classmates.”

She has appreciated the support available to students throughout this difficult time.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns have been tricky for a lot of students, and it’s definitely safe to say our lecturers and AUT did an awesome job during that time.”

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