Pakkawan Udomphol

Pakkawan Udomphol

Master of Language and Culture student

She has always loved studying languages, says Pakkawan Udomphol who came to AUT as an international student from Thailand to study a Master of Language and Culture.

“I completed a bachelor’s degree in linguistics in my home country Thailand but wanted to further investigate how culture and language impact each other, especially in a multicultural society. By studying the Master of Language and Culture at AUT, I can also meet people from different backgrounds and learn from them.

“Eventually I’d like to become a lecturer, or work in language and intercultural communication. If I had the chance, I’d love to be involved with an NGO organisation to support migrants or people overseas. I believe that my studies will support my future career goals.”

Pakkawan says she is grateful to have received an AUT Pro Vice-Chancellor International's Excellence Scholarship to support her studies in New Zealand.

“The AUT Pro Vice-Chancellor International's Excellence Scholarship contributes $20,000 towards my tuition fees as an international student, which has been very helpful for my studies.”

The right university environment
She has thoroughly enjoyed her studies so far, Pakkawan says.

“I have kind, lovely, powerful, clever and friendly classmates, and we all have different abilities and experiences that we can all share with each other. I’ve also enjoyed learning from the academic staff as they have always supported and encouraged me. That makes it easy for me to enjoy the class. Through my studies here I’ve also discovered a new field related to my degree; linguistics corpora. It’s very interesting and I might study this field further in a PhD.”

Another thing she has appreciated about studying at AUT is how easy it has been to get support if she ever needed it.

“If I have any questions or problems related to my degree I can always contact the lecturers and other staff in the School of Language and Culture, and the team at the AUT Student Hub. They have always supported me.”

Advice for other students
Pakkawan has some great advice for other students who are thinking about coming to AUT and New Zealand for their studies.

“My advice is to develop your English language skills, and learn from your environment and immerse yourself in the New Zealand culture.

“I’d also recommend building your support networks while you’re studying, set your goals and follow them.”

*The AUT Pro Vice-Chancellor International's Excellence Scholarship is now known as the AUT International Academic Achievement Scholarship.

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