Oren Meizeles

Oren Meizeles

Master of International Tourism Management student
Bachelor of International Hospitality Management in Event Management and Tourism

Helping to organise her school ball first sparked her interest in hospitality and tourism, says Oren Meizeles.

“When I was in Year 13, I was given the role of the social council leader at my school and was in charge of organising the school ball for Year 12’s and 13’s from scratch. The opportunity to organise and manage the ball, from the theme and designs to the budget and ticket pricing, made me think about studying event management.”

Choosing where to study was easy, Oren says.

“AUT was the only university that offered this programme in Auckland, and I loved that AUT is a very friendly and welcoming university.”

Lighting the fire
As someone who has always loved travelling, Oren decided to add a major in tourism to her degree as well. Little did she know this would be a life-changing decision.

“I absolutely love travelling, and thought tourism could be a fun major to choose. But I didn’t expect to end up enjoying it quite as much. I remember being in the middle of our class on tourist behaviour, and found the content really interesting and I realised that I was actually quite good at it too. I was surprised how this one topic just grabbed my attention.”

Oren’s passion for tourism has since led her to postgraduate study and she is currently completing a Master of International Tourism Management.

“During the last two semesters of my undergraduate degree, I felt that I didn’t spend enough time studying tourism and I wanted to explore this topic more. I began to seriously consider postgraduate study after talking to a couple of my lecturers. Dr Heike Schänzel, who is now my academic supervisor, was especially supportive of me doing a master’s degree and really helped me believe in my abilities.”

Prepared to take on the world
There have been many highlights throughout her time at AUT, Oren says.

“Being introduced to a wide variety of different topics was what I’ve found most enjoyable about my studies. You get to learn about different theories related to hospitality and tourism, and some of these theories completely changed my perspective on certain things.

“I’m also proud of the good grades I got during my undergraduate degree, as well as during my master’s degree now. I received three congratulations letters from the head of the hospitality and tourism school for my excellent grades in three of the classes and also received a certificate for achieving 100% in the Amadeus practical exam.”

Oren says she would highly recommend the hospitality and tourism programmes to others.

“The hospitality and tourism programmes look at two massive industries, and the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in these disciplines can take you in many directions. I’ve also loved that many of the papers have practical assignments; not just essays, reports and exams. This variety of assignments makes study more fun.”