Noah Mataia

Noah Mataia

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Business in Accounting

Business is universal, says Noah Mataia who is currently completing a Bachelor of Business in Accounting with a minor in Finance.

“The skills you learn while studying business can be easily transferred and implemented in a great multitude of careers and jobs. Business also covers a wide variety of disciplines, including accounting, finance, economics and marketing. There are so many opportunities that present themselves through studying business. For me, this made it easy to decide to study the Bachelor of Business.”

Now in the final year of his degree, Noah already knows what he wants to do next.

“I would love a career where I can fully utilise all the knowledge I’ve gained through my business degree in an area related to my passions of sport and young people. I’ve always wanted to provide healthy lifestyles for my family and have a positive impact on Pacific people. I knew that coming to university, and in particular AUT, was my first step towards achieving this goal.”

Highlights and opportunities
He has had many highlights throughout his studies, Noah says.

“I’ve enjoyed being able to connect and work alongside like-minded individuals and take up opportunities that align with my interests and values. This has included taking part in inter-faculty sports competitions and working for the UniPrep programme run by AUT.

“In addition to this, I was able to intern at PwC through the Tupu Toa programme. This experience gave me some incredible insight into the corporate sector while providing a platform that allowed me to express and share what my character and culture have to offer.”

Attending the 2017 New Zealand Aspiring Leaders Forum was another standout for Noah.

“I was fortunate enough to be awarded a scholarship to attend this forum, which was an awesome opportunity to network with young bright leaders from around the country and develop key leadership skills. I was able to listen and learn from some of New Zealand’s leaders, and workshop pivotal concepts around the qualities and values a leader needs in today’s world.”

Making connections
Meeting new people wasn’t always easy, Noah admits.

“One of the biggest challenges I faced when I began my tertiary journey with AUT was building friendships with fellow students outside of the classroom and having confidence in my leadership and ability. AUT played a major role in supporting me in this through the Oceanian Leadership Network.”

Noah loved being able to use his skills to mentor other students.

“After my first year of study I was selected to work as a navigator for the UniPrep programme, which is run by the Office of Pacific Advancement. Being a part of this programme allowed me to draw upon the skills from my degree and apply them in the context of leading and mentoring young people.

“Having a navigator role for UniPrep also enabled me to network with some extraordinary Māori and Pacific leaders who have since become lifelong friends.”

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