Niko Meredith

Niko Meredith

Co-director, No Six
Master of Creative Technologies
Bachelor of Creative Technologies

The multi-faceted nature of creative technologies is reflective of how the real world operates, says Niko Meredith.

“I would highly recommend studying creative technologies. The programmes challenge you to be both creative and critical, and the creative environment allows innovation to thrive. The academic staff are renowned for their expertise and industry connections. They’re supportive of students and go the extra mile.”

He enjoys using technology as a tool to respond to social issues, says Niko who is a co-director of start-up No Six.

“No Six is a digital ecosystem that produces content and inspires young content creators in disadvantaged communities to find what they love, and be inspired by their creations. We’ve been in operation for five years and our business is thriving.”

Empowering Pacific youth with new media
After completing his Bachelor of Creative Technologies in 2015, Niko decided to continue into postgraduate study and went on to complete a Master of Creative Technologies.

“As creative technologies is a relatively new area of study, there’s an opportunity to be innovative and stake a claim in this emerging field. I decided to pursue postgraduate study to further my knowledge and learn practical skills that I could share with my community and others.”

For his master’s project, Niko explored 360-degree video as a digital tool to enable Pacific youth mental wellbeing.

“The aim of my research project, Digital Talanoa, is to understand how 360-degree media can be used as an effective tool in communicating key mental health messages to empower Pacific youth in New Zealand. The research is important as it connects health, Pacific communities and design to demonstrate that creative technologies offers pragmatic and innovative solutions across multiple disciplines.”

Niko already had opportunities to present his research at the Pacific Postgraduate Talanoa series and the 2018 Dinner With a Difference.

Advice for other students
Never be afraid to ask, Niko advises other students.

“My advice to other students is to be aware that asking can be a very powerful tool. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from academic staff or the other students.”

Remember that achieving success is different for everyone, he adds.

“The biggest problem I faced during my time at AUT was comparing myself to other creative technologies students. Just seeing the level of skill some of your classmates have can be quite intimidating, but I found that the level of skills my peers had motivated my own growth.”

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