Nafiz Ul Fahad

Nafiz Ul Fahad

Doctor of Philosophy candidate

He has always dreamt of being a part of the academic community, says Nafiz Ul Fahad who came to AUT as an international student from Bangladesh to study a PhD in accounting.

“Joining the doctorate programme at AUT is just like putting the final piece of the puzzle into place. The training I receive during my PhD in accounting will develop my critical thinking skills, enrich my knowledge as a researcher and help me expand my scholarly capabilities. I’m expecting to complete my PhD in mid-2022 and am looking forward to starting my academic career in New Zealand.”

Nafiz wouldn’t hesitate to recommend AUT’s doctoral programme in accounting.

“I’d highly recommend the PhD to prospective accounting students because AUT provides an excellent learning environment for students who want to build their future in academia. AUT has cutting-edge research facilities and well-established academics, which enables doctoral students to undertake world-class research.”

Finding inspiration
It was his primary supervisor, Professor Asheq Rahman, who inspired him to pursue his PhD in accounting at AUT, Nafiz says.

“I was deeply inspired and motivated by Professor Asheq Rahman, who is well known for his contributions to accounting research. Upon his advice, despite being a finance graduate, I chose to do my PhD in accounting. I’ve always considered that to be the turning point of my research career.”

For his PhD thesis, Nafiz is focusing on investors’ use of social media, supervised by Professor Asheq Rahman and Associate Professor Tom Scott from the AUT Business School.

“My doctoral thesis examines how investors are using social media platforms to process hard to read accounting information for decision making. The growing role of social media in our daily life motivated me to investigate this question. It’s my privilege to have Professor Asheq Rahman and Associate Professor Tom Scott as my supervisors because they’re widely recognised in the accounting research community.”

A thriving research community
He has enjoyed the research and postgraduate community at the AUT Business School, Nafiz says.

“I’ve enjoyed participating in social events like the postgraduate mix and mingle events, and the postgraduate writers’ retreat, which were a great way to improve my networking skills.

“I’ve also enjoyed the opportunity to teach undergraduate and master’s degree students at AUT. Not all PhD students in Australasia get the chance to be involved in teaching at university level, but AUT encourages its PhD students to engage in teaching and other academic services. This gives us an edge when we start our career in academia.”

He is a proud recipient of the AUT Vice-Chancellor’s Doctoral Scholarship and is grateful for what he has achieved in his studies so far at AUT, he adds.

“The AUT Business School supports research students by providing generous scholarships and additional research funds to attend conferences and seminars. I’ve received a Frank Finn Travel Scholarship from the Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand Doctoral Education Network, as well as an INFINZ 2020 virtual conference scholarship. I’m also proud of receiving a Best Paper Award at the PhD symposium at the 11th Financial Markets and Corporate Governance Conference in 2021.”

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