Nadia Liebert

Nadia Liebert

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Business in Finance and International Business

Deciding to study international business was one of the best decisions she has made, says Nadia Liebert who is in the third year of a Bachelor of Business.

“For me, business was the option that could give me the most flexibility in terms of my future career. I would definitely recommend studying international business. The content is so relevant to the business world and you can apply it in real-life situations.”

Currently completing her final year, Nadia already has a good idea what she wants to do in the future.

“I’m really interested in the idea of business-facilitated global sustainability, and the international business major has helped me understand the possibilities. This is a growing industry, with companies like Interface (the largest carpet tile manufacturer in the world) aiming for zero-impact by 2020. I always have a sustainability-conscious mind in my personal life and putting this passion into something that can make a real difference would be rewarding.”

Leading the way
AUT supports a lot of amazing initiatives, Nadia says.

“Things like the X-Challenge competition, the CO.STARTERS entrepreneurship programme and the Out@AUT student club all show how AUT promotes forward thinking. AUT is leading the way when it comes to showing that university is about more than just getting good grades.”

She has found the academic staff to be inspiring.

“I’ve had some amazing lecturers and tutors that really changed how I think, and ignited my interest in areas I hadn’t even considered before. The best feeling is when you finish a lecture or class, and feel inspired by the content.”

Advice for other students
Don’t make university life harder for yourself, Nadia advises other students.

“Make sure you get enough sleep, use to-do lists, eat well and most of all, reward yourself. Just handed in a huge assignment? Awesome, go and spend up on exciting foods at Countdown, or watch a couple of episodes of that show you’ve missed. Don’t forget to appreciate that you’re only human and you need to take care of yourself.”

Don’t forget to apply for scholarships, she adds.

“So many students don’t even consider applying for scholarships, which means there’s less competition. There are many scholarships available, large and small, and not having financial stress on top of everything else makes life so much easier when at university.

“I’ve been lucky enough to receive the AUT Woolf-Fisher First-in-Family scholarship. I cried on the phone when I got the call confirming that I received the scholarship! This has absolutely changed my time at university and means I can graduate without a student loan. We get amazing support from the scholar support team, and the opportunities that come with a scholarship are awesome – from networking and event invitations to being matched with a mentor.”