Mumtaz Shah

Mumtaz Shah

Senior Project Manager, Auckland Council
Master of Engineering Project Management student

He chose to study AUT’s Master of Engineering Project Management because he wanted to polish his project management skills, says Mumtaz Shah.

“I’ve been working on various engineering projects and am well versed in the technical side. I wanted to improve my project management skills because the timely completion of projects is very important, and to achieve that you need good project management skills. Project management skills can also help optimise the project timelines and thus lead to cost reduction.”

As a senior project manager for Auckland Council, Mumtaz has been balancing his studies with his full-time role, and has been impressed by the support of both his employer and AUT.

“Balancing my studies and full-time work was a bit of a challenge, but the mode of study offered by AUT helped me cope with that. I’m also grateful for the support from my employer, including covering part of my fees.”

Highly recommended
He wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Master of Engineering Project Management to other students.

“This is a good degree for people looking for careers in the management space because it’s a good blend of various management courses and provides practical exposure to real-time scenarios. I’m already looking forward to further study to achieve a PhD, and explore more avenues in the project management space.”

The collaborative environment has been one of the highlights of his time at AUT.

“I like that there are more opportunities for students to collaborate with industry people as well as with the teaching staff. All lecturers at the AUT are great but I’ve been particularly inspired by Dr Jeff Seadon. He takes you through any complex problem in a very friendly manner, and he’s the one who inspires me the most at AUT.”

Advice for other students
Expecting to complete his master’s degree later this year, Mumtaz has some great advice for other students.

“My advice to all fellow students is to always work smart, as nowadays it’s more valuable to work smart rather than to work hard.”

He also stresses the importance of innovation.

“My other piece of advice is to try to explore innovative ways to do things as innovation is the future of the world.”

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