Morganrose Logan

Morganrose Logan

Student, Bachelor of Health Science in Paramedicine
Diploma in Paramedic Science

Being out at sea or in a remote place that doesn’t have access to health facilities can be a scary thing, says Morganrose Logan who has a background as a divemaster working on superyachts.

“I’ve been diving since I was 12 years old. Later on, I developed my skills within my family’s shark dive company in Fiji and with superyachts coming to Fiji. I started to climb in my career, and was offered a job as a divemaster and stewardess on a 40-metre vessel off the coast of Australia.

“When I realised the potential I could have within this industry, I started to think about the skills I want to develop. I chose to study paramedicine to gain insight into what this line of work would offer and develop skills to take to remote places one day. I have an urge to travel and being able to have these skills will be really beneficial.”

On the road with the ambulance
The practical aspects of the Diploma in Paramedic Science are what she enjoyed most about her studies, Morganrose says.

“Going out on the road with the ambulance and learning how things work while connecting your experiences with the information you’ve learnt in class is amazing. The human body is pretty remarkable, and the different situations we experienced through the placements are what I’ve enjoyed the most.”

She has enjoyed learning from the academic staff as well as her peers.

“I’ve loved seeing how they use their skills in this job and with patients. It’s a great opportunity to take some feedback from that and develop your own way of using your skills with patients.”

Advice for other students
Morganrose, who finished her diploma at the end of 2018, has some great advice for other students.

“Push yourself even when the going gets hard because you’ll reap what you sow at the end of it. Though the journey may be long, you’ll definitely benefit from it.

“As Will Smith once said, ‘Failure is a massive part of being successful. You've gotta take a shot, you have to live at the edge of your capabilities. You gotta live where you're almost certain you're going to fail. Failure actually helps you to recognise the areas where you need to evolve. So, fail early, fail often, fail forward.’”

While she admits that completing the Diploma in Paramedic Science has been challenging, Morganrose says she would highly recommend the programme to others.

“I would 100% recommend the diploma. It gives you an idea of what a career in paramedicine will be like and what the three-year paramedicine degree could offer. If you decide you love it, you could then apply for the Bachelor of Health Science in Paramedicine. I’m coming back for the degree because I’ve enjoyed it so much.”

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