Millicent Oriene C. Sy Tan

Millicent Oriene C. Sy Tan

Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science in Rehabilitation student

Her goal is to one day have her own rehabilitation clinic in collaboration with other rehabilitation specialists, says Millicent Oriene C. Sy Tan who is studying the Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science in Rehabilitation online from the Philippines.

“As a physiotherapist, rehabilitation is my forte and diving deep into the intricacies of this concept will be of great help for my profession and career. As well as hopefully having my own rehabilitation clinic, I’d also love to teach students and athletes about courses related to health sciences.

“I’m the kind of person who is fond of reading through various scientific and ground-breaking research. When I was considering where to study, I found a number of websites that mentioned that AUT has huge global impact in terms of up-to-date research or innovations. A good friend and colleague of mine also suggested that I consider AUT for my studies.”

It’s a decision Millicent hasn’t regretted, and she highly recommends AUT to other students.

“AUT is a very person-centred and student-centred university. It really aims to let the students learn and flourish based on what works for each student.”

Support for online students
Millicent, who has been studying online from her home in Manila, has enjoyed the self-directed nature online learning offers.

“I could mull over intriguing ideas and concepts at my own pace in preparation for the summative assessments. I’ve really enjoyed the courses being very self-directed. I get to balance studying while working part-time and being able to spend quality time with my family. However, not having the liberty to see classmate face-to-face can be quite challenging, plus time zone differences can be a hindrance to attending live lectures.”

The support AUT has offered for online students has been very helpful, she says.

“AUT provided us with a free EndNote programme and full access to various online databases, which made academic writing easier and a lot quicker. AUT has offered a lot of ‘how to’ video tutorials to get along well with studying online. The most remarkable ones for me were the videos on how to use library databases and EndNote, and how to import citations from the database to EndNote and then into Microsoft Word.

“I’ve also used the ‘ask the librarian’ option on the AUT library website to guide me with search strategies. It was of great help as I was doing a scoping review for the assessment of one of my courses. I did pretty well thanks to AUT’s helpful librarians.”

Advice for other students
Millicent has some great advice for other students.

“It’s always a pleasure to look back and reflect on why you chose to study your chosen degree. Let that purpose drive you to press on and enjoy your academic journey.”

Self-care is very important, she adds.

“Never forget to take care of yourself and spend time with your loved ones in these trying times.”

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