Mike Robinson

Mike Robinson

Head of Basketball, Sacred Heart College
Postgraduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise student
Graduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise

Mike Robinson says AUT is the best choice if you want to work in sport and recreation. The sport and exercise alumnus, who is now head of basketball at Sacred Heart College, says that AUT gave him the best start for his career.

“If your wish is to further yourself in the ever-changing and ever-growing world of sport and recreation, AUT is the place to be! Its direct links to the industry ensure you’re learning the most current, and most valuable, information for your future growth in the sport and recreation field.”

Crediting industry experience
As an adult student, Mike found that AUT was able to acknowledge his previous study and industry experience. The Graduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise perfectly suited his needs.

“I had initially considered the Bachelor of Sport and Recreation, but based on a recommendation from a close friend I decided to apply for the graduate diploma. I had completed a previous diploma at AUT, coached for a number of years and worked as a guest lecturer at another university. The graduate diploma suited my condensed timeframe and preferred subject matter.”

Mike also found that AUT’s wide-ranging industry connections would benefit his career, and it was this connection with industry links that enticed him back to study.

“When I researched the programme, I found its many connections within the industry suited how I could progress, and it was key in my decision to choose AUT over other educational providers.”

The right choice
Mike now heads up the basketball department at Sacred Heart College and loves working with the student athletes.

“I feel very fortunate to work at Sacred Heart College in this role, but couldn’t have done it without the guidance of my previous employer, who was also an AUT alumnus. The role helps me apply my learnings each day, alongside past industry experience both at an elite and developmental level, and gives me the space to do something I love, for which I’m truly grateful."

In addition to his career, he continues to advance his coaching knowledge through postgraduate study.

“I chose to study the Postgraduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise to further myself within the field of coaching and youth athlete development, always with the aim to make a difference to those I coach and work with. I hope to eventually continue into the Master of Sport and Exercise.”

To keep engaged in his study, he has also been working as a teacher aide at AUT.