Michael Tibbles

Michael Tibbles

2nd-year student, Bachelor of Health Science in Psychology

He enjoys the challenges of learning something new and applying that to help people, says Michael Tibbles who is currently completing a Bachelor of Health Science in Psychology.

“Studying psychology interests me because of the impairment I have. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2004 when I was 30 years old, and I want to understand what is happening with myself to be able to help others with impairments. Once I graduate, I would love to be involved in change or adaptive management with people or children with impairments.”

Michael came to AUT after a successful career in corporate business development and is enjoying his return to study.

“My children inspire me to continue learning and always challenge myself. As part of my degree, I’ve really enjoyed collaborating with other students and my lecturers on ideas.”

A safe environment
Because he was returning to study after a number of years in the workplace, Michael was looking for a university environment that would cater to adult students like himself. He found that at AUT.

“One of my family members has been working at AUT for 20 years, so I knew how AUT had adapted itself over the years. This made me feel safe to study again as an adult student.”

He is grateful for the guidance from AUT’s disability student support team throughout his studies.

“The support from the disability student support team has been exceptional, from helping me with enrolment to equipping me with adaptive technology. They’ve been very helpful in navigating me through the learning process.”

Advice for other students
Michael has some great advice for other students.

“My advice is to jump in the deep end. Even though you might not be able to swim there’s always someone to help you learn how to.”

He would highly recommend AUT’s psychology degree to other students.

“I’d definitely recommend the Bachelor of Health Science in Psychology to others, however you need to be prepared to work hard in this programme.”

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