Michael Beck

Michael Beck

Quality Engineering Manager, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

He enjoys being able to use his engineering skills to make a difference to the lives of patients around the world, says AUT engineering alumnus Michael Beck who is now a quality engineering manager for Fisher & Paykel Healthcare.

“We’re developing and manufacturing medical devices that have a measurable benefit on the health of patients around the world. My team and I work with engineers in operational and development roles to improve and maintain our manufacturing processes to ensure that product quality and expected production line output is met, and that effective process controls are in place to make sure each product delivers the care it needs to.”

He enjoys the variety his role offers him, Michael says.

“I enjoy the problem-solving aspects of the role, with a problem being systematically worked through to a root cause. Working with people across the company from development and manufacturing to supply chain and sales offices gives me a great overview of how the organisation works and how the specific needs of each part of the organisation are met. This has been really helpful to my career.”

Choosing AUT
For Michael, his journey towards becoming an engineer started with enrolling in AUT’s mechanical engineering degree.

“My interests have generally always been hands-on and I liked the certainty solving problems with numbers meant. It made sense to develop this into a professional career. AUT had a good reputation for bringing the practical and academic elements of engineering together, which drove my choice of university.”

The academic staff were one of the highlights of his time at AUT, Michael says.

“I was fortunate to have a number of lecturers who had practical work experience in the industry before moving into academia. They looked beyond the immediate theory of what they were teaching and invested a lot of time into explaining the obvious – and less obvious – practical application of the content.”

Advice for other students
Michael, who graduated from AUT in 2015, has some great advice for other students thinking about studying engineering.

“Pick your specialisation, for example mechanical or electrical engineering, but keep the balance of your education diverse. I’ve yet to work in a role that I explicitly planned and instead have taken on roles that developed specific technical and non-technical skills that will support my future career and personal growth.

“Having that diverse base rounds out your perspective on things, and helps you be a little more open-minded when it comes to problem solving and evaluating opportunities as they arise.”

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