Megan Burfoot

Megan Burfoot

Doctor of Philosophy candidate
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Architectural Engineering

How can architects and engineers achieve the right acoustic environment for the buildings they create? That is the interesting topic Megan Burfoot is investigating for her Doctor of Philosophy in architectural engineering.

‘For my doctoral research, I’m adapting and automating acoustic technology to optimise acoustics for the building’s purpose.

“When I decided to do my PhD, I researched a lot of different topics within the field of architectural engineering and this one stood out as an area where I can make a contribution through my research. I think it’s a really interesting topic.”

Megan’s research is supervised by Dr Ali Ghaffarianhoseini, Dr Nicola Naismith and Dr Amirhosein Ghaffarianhoseini.

A love for architecture and engineering
She has always been passionate about architecture and engineering, Megan says.

“When I was in high school and thinking about university, I couldn’t decide between architecture and engineering. Then, my career advisor told me that AUT had started offering a new degree, the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Architectural Engineering, which was a mix of both. For me, enrolling in this degree was a no brainer.”

It was a decision she hasn’t regretted.

“The degree was really enjoyable – it was challenging and kept me on my toes. I enjoyed doing the assignments, which were a mix of maths-based assignments and more creative design projects that were often about finding solutions to real-life problems. You learn so many different skills and the degree will prepare you well for your future career.”

Taking on postgraduate study
Continuing into doctoral study was an easy decision for Megan who completed her Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at the end of 2018 and received a Vice-Chancellor’s Doctoral Scholarship to support her PhD.

“I enjoyed studying and felt that I still had a lot of academic energy. I like the independence doctoral study offers.

“I love AUT. I love the study environments, and appreciate how approachable the staff are. I’ve also enjoyed the student life here, and have been involved in a number of different clubs, including starting AUT Now, which focuses on volunteering and supporting different causes; animals, people and the environment.”

Now mid-way through her PhD, Megan already has a firm idea of what she would like to do next.

“I can see myself having a career in academia – I love both research and teaching. I’ve been teaching an architectural sustainability course to third-year Bachelor of Engineering Honours students, and it’s an experience I’ve found enjoyable and meaningful.”

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