Mega Dwi Febriyani

Mega Dwi Febriyani

Language Teacher, Vocational School of Agriculture, West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia
Master of Professional Language Studies

The Master of Professional Language Studies is the best choice for language teachers who want to enhance their teaching skills, says Mega Febriyani.

“The programme covers what language teachers need to enhance their teaching skills. I found all of the papers useful for my career in language teaching.

“Because many of the students are experienced language teachers from different countries, you have the chance to share your teaching experiences. This master’s degree is the perfect package to support language teachers, covering aspects of language and culture, curriculum and assessment, and different language teaching approaches.”

Creating career-ready graduates
The practical assignments throughout her degree were great preparation for the classroom, says Mega who came to AUT as an international student from Indonesia.

“For example, we had to conduct a mini project where we had to find a group of students to teach, using teaching methods that we had learnt in the programme. I found this really useful especially as we could check how effective our teaching method was, and explore what could be improved in our teaching practice.”

After graduating last year, Mega has now returned to her home country where she constantly applies what she learned at AUT in her work.

“I’m trying to apply all the teaching approaches and strategies I’ve learnt in the Master of Professional Language Studies in my career now. Most of them have worked effectively and they make my teaching practice more meaningful and easier to follow for my students. Most importantly, my new knowledge will help my students develop their English skills.”

Choosing AUT
AUT is one of the best universities in New Zealand, says Mega whose study was funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade via the New Zealand Scholarships Programme.

“Before choosing AUT, I searched online and compared all the universities in New Zealand. I also read reviews and found that AUT is where I wanted to study. AUT has good facilities, nice and helpful staff, and full support services for students. Even my little daughter was excited whenever she accompanied me when I was studying in the parents’ room at the AUT library!”

The diverse student community was one of the highlights of her time at AUT.

“As one of New Zealand’s most diverse universities, AUT has enabled me to develop global networks. I enjoyed meeting people from all parts of the world. Having friends from all over the globe is a jubilant experience for me.”

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