Matt Clark

Matt Clark

Project Support, Office of Pacific Advancement, AUT
Bachelor of Sport and Recreation in Management

As someone who has always been passionate about sport, AUT sport and recreation alumnus Matt Clark says the Bachelor of Sport and Recreation was the obvious choice for him.

“I’ve spent my whole life in sport – I watch, play, umpire and coach sport. When it was time to decide what to study at university, I knew that I wanted to work in the sports industry, so that I was excited about waking up and going to work.”

It’s a decision he hasn’t regretted.

“The highlight of my time at AUT was the large array of practical experiences I gained. I found myself in so many different real-life situations where I met so many people inside and outside my industry, as well as gaining experience before entering the workforce.”

Valuable international experience
For Matt, studying at AUT also opened the door to gaining international experience. After completing his AUT degree, he had the chance to intern at Play Rugby USA in San Francisco through the AUT Internz Scholarship programme.

Applying for the internship was an easy decision, says Matt.

“I love challenges, experiences, travel and sports. This internship had all four, which was more than enough for me to find out more. Upon looking further into it, I discovered so many things about the internship that resonated with me.

“I enjoyed spending half of my week coaching at different schools, and the other half of the week in the office, planning potential moves our office can make to continue to grow. The fun thing was being able to plan out something, then help it come to life yourself – that was extremely rewarding.”

Advice for other students
Do everything you can, Matt advises other students.

“The university journey will be over before you know it, so use the time wisely. Opportunities that arise may not come again, so take them with both hands. Do whatever you can to make yourself the most well-rounded graduate you can be.

“At AUT it’s all about the experiences and connections you make. Both of these allow graduates to feel confident enough to pursue their dreams, knowing that someone they’ve met has their back.”

Now back in New Zealand, Matt has returned to AUT, providing project support for AUT’s Office of Pacific Advancement to help other students be successful in their studies and get the most out of the university experience.

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