Mathewjibin (Mathew) Mathai

Mathewjibin (Mathew) Mathai

Master of IT Project Management

For Mathewjibin (Mathew) Mathai, the Master of IT Project Management was the logical next step in his career.

“After completing a master’s degree in management studies in India, I was working as a business analyst; a role that combined business analysis and project management activities. On many occasions, the opportunity to undertake project management would arise. That’s why I decided to pursue a project management degree.

“I had friends who studied at AUT, and that’s how I got more insight about AUT, its culture and its reputation in the educational sector. I had also visited New Zealand in 2017 on a tour and happened to pass by AUT’s campus. In 2018, when I decided to do a project management degree I researched different universities and discovered the Master of IT Project Management at AUT. Because I already knew about AUT, I looked at the papers and then applied for this degree.”

A pathway to project management careers
He would recommend the Master of IT Project Management, Mathew says.

“The degree is a blend of various IT roles and will be a pathway for different roles in the industry like project manager, programme manager, product manager and many more. It offers a mix of project management aspects, the latest trends in project management and an in-depth understanding of some of the roles and practices related to project management.

“The Master of IT Project Management also provides you with an opportunity to work on a research project that will help you gain more insights about the IT industry and can guide you if you wish to pursue a PhD. To guide you throughout the project, a research supervisor will also be assigned to you.”

AUT makes it easy for students to connect with different people from the industry, he adds.

“The regular lunchtime series, for example, enables students to meet people from different organisations and gain insight about different roles and knowledge about the industry.”

Support and guidance
He has enjoyed the guidance and the professionalism, says Mathew who came to AUT as an international student from India.

“The biggest challenge for me was working on the assignments and selecting the right electives for my programme. Fortunately, AUT conducts regular workshops to provide guidance for assignment and APA referencing, as well as sessions on how to improve your CV, or how to balance your study and manage stress.

“AUT also provided clear guidelines to help select your papers, and you can also directly meet the lecturer to get more insight about the subject and how it will help you shape your knowledge.”

Adjusting to study in New Zealand was easy, he says.

“The regular workshops, the easily approachable academic staff and the Student Hub make it easy for newbies to settle in. There are also many regular activities and events at AUT to help students have a break and enjoy their leisure time.”

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