Maryam Mohseni

Maryam Mohseni

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Laws

She dreams of a career in human rights, says Maryam Mohseni who is currently completing a Bachelor of Laws.

“I’ve always been passionate about law because I believe the law can have a significant impact on people’s lives and as a lawyer you have the power to make a difference.

“I’m planning to major in human rights law and would love to become a human rights lawyer. As a former refugee from Afghanistan and a woman from a third world country I know how it feels to not be represented and heard, and I want to change that.”

Embracing the challenge
She loves learning about the field she loves, Maryam says.

“Studying law is challenging and gets really difficult sometimes. But I love the feeling of relief when I finally understand something I’ve been struggling with. With every lecture or class I attend, I feel like I’m getting closer to my goal.

“What I like about studying at AUT is that the facilities are modern and easy to access, the students are helpful and the lecturers are very easy to contact. We’re really like a big family.”

Law offers so many opportunities to students, she says.

“It helps them learn and explore different aspects of life. A law graduate doesn’t necessarily have to become a lawyer; you can gain many skills, including the ability to analyse a complex situation and find a solution for it through critical thinking.”

Feeling accepted and recognised
Receiving the Sir Robert Jones Refugee Daughters Scholarship helped Maryam have a great start in her tertiary studies.

“This has been the highlight and biggest happiness of my life, so far. Apart from the obvious financial help and not having to worry about paying off student debt for the next couple of years after graduation, being awarded this scholarship has made me feel accepted and recognised.”

She also appreciates the ongoing support available to scholarship recipients like herself, Maryam says.

“The scholarship also offers the recipients help and support throughout the year. There are meetings and gatherings throughout your studies, and each student is assigned a mentor who helps the student with academic or even personal issues.”

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