Marshall Murphy

Marshall Murphy

Study Abroad student from the University of Vermont, USA

He would recommend studying in New Zealand at AUT to everyone, says Marshall Murphy who came to AUT as a Study Abroad student from the USA

“My advice to other students is to go to New Zealand and then, when you’re there, take every opportunity to travel, meet new people and learn everything you can because it will change your life.

“The combination of New Zealand and AUT means you get to experience everything New Zealand offers in terms of nature and culture, with the support of AUT. One of my lecturers at AUT always said, ‘When you get home, it will feel like everything has changed but it’s really you who has changed.’”

A different take on education
His goal is to become a teacher one day, says Marshall whose home university is the University of Vermont.

“I came to AUT to study primary education as part of the Study Abroad programme. My school has a good relationship that allows us to go to AUT, and it just so happened that I had always wanted to visit New Zealand.”

He enjoyed learning about a new culture and seeing education from a different perspective.

“This experience has developed me as a person and is allowing me to bring new perspectives home. If I were to pick one reason why I would choose AUT now it would be the integration of Māori culture in my classes.”

Experiencing life in New Zealand
He managed to travel everywhere during his time in New Zealand, Marshall says.

“I saw breathtaking views that a camera couldn't capture, I saw a canyon floor rush at me as I bungee jumped and I saw strangers become whānau (family) through shared travels and cultural experiences. What I enjoyed most was that I got to travel across the entire country because it allowed me to appreciate my Study Abroad home.”

Being in a completely new country and knowing very few people had its challenges he admits.

“Fortunately, AUT supported me by hosting events where I could get to know people. I realised that so many people were in the same place I was. I also enjoyed living in the AUT student accommodation right in the city, close to the AUT City Campus. The best part of that was being surrounded by other local and international students.”

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