Maojun Wang

Maojun Wang

Doctor of Philosophy candidate

Deciding to study at AUT was easy, says Maojun Wang who came to AUT as an international student from China to complete a PhD in applied statistics.

“When I was comparing universities around New Zealand, the first thing that attracted me to AUT was that AUT cares about its students. From the service I received from the Student Hub to the entire application and registration process, this was my best experience from a New Zealand university.

“I also appreciate AUT’s energy and creativity. As the youngest university in New Zealand and with the advantage of being located in Auckland, AUT has the most energetic and creative study environment. And finally, AUT offered the right people and great support. As a research student, great supervisors and academic support are essential for my study.”

A supportive research environment
He appreciates the support available to him as a PhD student, Maojun says.

“My supervisor, Dr Robin Hankin, is an amazing person who always inspires me if I lack ideas and can support me all the way throughout my study. AUT’s advanced facilities and university support also play a vital role in my study.”

For his PhD research, Maojun is using his passion for data insights to investigate ecological statistics.

“My research focuses on using large computation power to investigate trees’ dispersal behaviour based on the unified neutral theory.

“This research will be able to contribute to forest ecology by providing computation programmes that can simulate forest communities in a spatially explicit way, and offer a way to infer dispersal behaviours based on forest spatial patterns.”

A place to enjoy
He would highly recommend AUT to other postgraduate students.

“I’ve been at AUT for about two years now and have seen how AUT keeps raising its reputation and international recognition. No other university in New Zealand has so much potential, and AUT staff and students are working hard to make the university better and better.”

For Maojun, the study environment is what he has enjoyed most about AUT.

“There are a lot of activities, both academic and non-academic; amazing student support and programmes like the AUT Edge Award. All these things make AUT a place to enjoy while studying.”