Mansel Jeffares

Mansel Jeffares

Design Engineer, Fusion Entertainment
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with First Class Honours

He loves being surrounded by likeminded engineers working together to create world-class products, says Mansel Jeffares who is now a design engineer at Fusion Entertainment, which offers innovative audio solutions for the marine industry.

“We’re creating products that are sold all around the world. I’m responsible for designing, testing, debugging and improving electronic circuits involving both analogue and digital elements.

“It’s rewarding to be able to take a product from concept stage all the way through to mass production, and then see it on shelves in stores. Having the opportunity to go overseas to our factory in Taiwan and work with the factory engineers is amazing.”

He constantly applies the skills he gained at AUT in his role now, Mansel says.

“The most important skills I learned from AUT were the general engineering problem-solving skills that I use every day, and the technical skills I learned provided an excellent base to build upon in the real world. Because AUTs first year of engineering covered both mechanical and electrical concepts, I was able to quickly move into a project engineer role where I’m responsible for all technical aspects of a product.”

An innovative and collaborative learning environment
The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering was the perfect study option for him, says Mansel Jeffares who discovered his passion for robotics, programming and electronic circuits in high school.

“I chose to go to AUT because it’s known for having a more hands-on approach with smaller class sizes compared to other New Zealand universities with engineering programmes. The smaller class sizes are a huge advantage as you get more time to speak with the great lecturers and share in their knowledge. The lecturers are keen to share their subject knowledge above and beyond what is required for the degree.”

He appreciated the opportunities he had access to throughout his time at AUT.

“I enjoyed the practical project papers where we attempted to solve real-life engineering problems and got to work as part of a large team to create something much bigger than what any one person could achieve alone. I am very proud of winning best overall project for my final-year project.

“Another highpoint was working with the AUT scholarships office to provide tutoring assistance to international students. It was incredibly fulfilling to support students and see when they finally ‘get it’ and develop an intuitive understanding of the subject. Some of the most gratifying tutoring I did was working with master’s level students to help them achieve their project’s goals by providing tutoring in areas outside of their expertise. It was rewarding to see what they were able to accomplish, especially as some of them went on to win awards.”

Advice for other students
Having graduated at the end of 2018, Mansel has some great advice for other students.

“Follow your heart and choose subjects or a degree you are passionate about, and success will come easily. Make sure to study but don’t forget to have fun. While not all papers will seem interesting at the time, remember that they may have some useful information you will be able to apply in your future career.”

Make the most of the academic teaching staff, he adds.

“Don’t be afraid to get to know your lecturers. They have lots of knowledge to share and have industry contacts that might just help you land your dream job.”

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