Manjot Kaur

Manjot Kaur

Clinical & Change Project Administrator, ProCare Health Ltd
Bachelor of Health Science in Health Administration

Being an inpatient at a local hospital sparked her interest in health management, says AUT health sciences alumna Manjot Kaur.

“Since that experience I’ve known that I wanted to work in an area that enables me to make a difference towards the quality of care our communities receive. I was drawn towards the health management degree because it offered courses that focus on all the important aspects of health, including quality, advocacy, health law, human resource policy, risk management, and resilience and wellbeing. These are all crucial for providing a great standard of care, so I knew it was the right pathway.”

Being able to apply her skills at AUT’s on-campus clinic was a highlight of Manjot’s time at university.

“My clinical placement at AUT Integrated Health (AIH) enabled me to put all my skills to work and get the feel of working in a health clinic. Because AIH is an interprofessional health centre, I was exposed to the benefits of different healthcare professionals working together to provide care. Collaboration through combined care appointments should become a focus for more healthcare facilities.

“Dr Brenda Flood, the manager at AIH, was an inspiration for me. She had a very supportive leadership style that made me feel very comfortable to share my ideas with the rest of the clinic staff. I felt confident knowing that she put her trust in the students.”

Making an impact
Now working at ProCare Health Ltd, Manjot enjoys using her understanding of health management to help manage the organisation’s many projects.

“My job involves a lot of work that provides support to portfolio managers and practices. I love that I’m involved in each part of the process for the delivery of programmes, from contracts and finance to service delivery and quality. The variety helps me gain a greater understanding of how services are delivered at a primary care level.”

She loves that each week can be a little different.

“My work involves tasks such as sending out and managing contracts, issuing and monitoring practice utilisation reports, liaising with practices that receive funding for services, managing claims and invoicing, project reporting, setting up education sessions for GPs and, my favourite part, leading and undertaking quality improvement checks.”

Advice for other students
Manjot, who graduated from AUT in 2019, has some great advice for other students.

“You don’t have to have it all figured out straight away. Take your time, find your passion and study something that really sparks your interest. This will keep you motivated when you’re up late at night studying.”

Don’t be scared to ask questions, she adds.

“Never be afraid of asking questions and seeking feedback. The lecturers are there to help you and they want to see you thrive.”

*The Health Administration major is now called Health Management.

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