Maryam Taghavi

Maryam Taghavi

ESOL Teacher / Homestay Co-ordinator, Onehunga High School
Master of Professional Language Studies

If you’re interested in languages and language teaching, the Master of Professional Language Studies is an excellent choice, says Maryam Taghavi.

“I would highly recommend the Master of Professional Language Studies to anyone who wants to further their understanding of languages and language teaching.

“Papers cover a wide range of topics related to language teaching, making it easy for students to decide what area of language teaching they would like to specialise in for their career or further education.”

Choosing AUT
With a background in ESL and FLE (French as a foreign language) teaching and experience as an English and French translator, Maryam decided to enrol in the Master of Professional Language Studies to further her career.

“I was researching my study options, and after reading the outline of what we would study in the Master of Professional Language Studies, I realised it aligned well with my interests and was exactly what I wanted to study. It also seemed relevant to my previous work experience.”

It’s a decision she hasn’t regretted.

“I loved my lecturers and tutors. They were all super helpful, very friendly and highly knowledgeable. Even though the Master of Professional Language Studies is only a one-year programme, I learned a lot from the academic staff. I also enjoyed being introduced to the idea of research and carrying out case studies for our assignments. That was very helpful.”

Igniting a passion for study
Further study is on the cards, Maryam says.

“One of the many good things about studying at AUT was that it encouraged me to continue my studies and start a PhD as soon as possible. To be honest, I didn’t really like studying in the past, but after I finished my Master of Professional Language Studies, I’m now actually looking forward to further study and starting a PhD.”

She has already recommended AUT to others, the AUT alumna says.

“I’ve encouraged my friends to study at AUT, and I’m still doing so. I have many friends who are thinking about continuing their education and they’re now looking into applying to AUT.

“I'm thankful to all my tutors and lecturers at AUT – they were of great help in paving the way to my current success. I’m especially grateful to Clare Conway who emailed me about the role at Onehunga High School when I was still a student at AUT. I’ll always be appreciative of the opportunity Clare gave me at the time.”