Luke Richard Dolejs Pringle

Luke Richard Dolejs Pringle

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Science in Psychology

When it was time to decide what to study at university, psychology was the obvious choice for Luke Richard Dolejs Pringle  who is about to complete his Bachelor of Science in Psychology and plans to enrol in an honours degree next.

“I thought, if there is anything worth learning about, it’s people and their brains – how they function, why they function, what makes them function better or worse, and how I can use that information to help myself and those in my life.”

After deciding what he wanted to study, he then set out to choose the right university and he found it in AUT.

“I chose to study at AUT because I had heard it was more technologically advanced than the other unis in New Zealand. That certainly paid off since I spent half of my degree studying online because of COVID-19 lockdowns.”

Inspiring academic staff
The academic staff have been one of the highlights of Luke’s studies.

“I really enjoyed listening to my psychology professors talk about their experiences as researchers and practitioners.”

One particular lecturer made an especially strong impression on him.

“One professor I quite admired told the whole class how she sometimes felt like a failure, no matter what she achieved or what her friends or colleagues said. I realised that sometimes I felt the same; like a failure despite what I had achieved.

“Seeing someone who was such a clear example of success, and who was exactly where I wanted to be in my future, made me realise that to someone else I was a success and I was exactly where they wanted to be. It taught me to think bigger, to feel more grateful and to be kinder to myself.”

Advice for other students
Expecting to graduate in early 2022, Luke has some great advice for students who are just starting their university journey.

“Ask for help from your peers and professors. Don't stress too much – one bad mark is not the end of the world. You don't have to be perfect; you just have to be you.”

There’s plenty of help available for students, he adds, especially while studying during a global pandemic.

“For me, the biggest challenge was studying and researching during the COVID-19 lockdowns. AUT was extremely helpful, offering extensions and being very understanding of my issues as a full-time student during lockdown.”

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