Lena (Jialu) Wang

Lena (Jialu) Wang

Assistant Analyst, Commerce Commission
Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Economics with First-Class Honours
Bachelor of Business in Economics and Accounting

She enjoys applying her understanding of economics to real-world problems in her role at the Commerce Commission, says Lena (Jialu) Wang who completed a Bachelor of Business in Economics and Accounting, followed by a Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Economics.

“My role as an assistant analyst at the Commerce Commission is responsible for making New Zealanders better off through the economic regulation of monopoly infrastructure in Aotearoa New Zealand. The Commerce Commission is a place where I can apply my economics knowledge and the theories I learned at university to real problems.”

Lena says in her role now she constantly draws on the skills she developed during her studies.

“My current role uses lots of soft skills and research skills which I developed during my postgraduate studies.”

Supported to thrive
She still has fond memories of her studies at AUT, says Lena who worked as a peer mentor and a research assistant during her studies, and is proud of being inducted into the Beta Gamma Sigma honours society.

“I really enjoyed my student life at AUT because the academic and student service support was excellent. My economics lecturers were keen to help me with any questions along the way, and they were so supportive and knowledgeable.

“In the third year of my Bachelor of Business, I received an invitation to do an honours degree in economics, and I decided to further my study. For my honours degree research, I focused on the income tax gap In New Zealand. I chose this topic to further develop my knowledge of microeconomics. I really appreciated the support and guidance from my supervisors Professor Matthew Ryan and Associate Professor Peer Skov, and I wouldn’t have achieved first-class honours without their help and assistance.”

She says she is particularly grateful to her primary supervisor, Professor Matthew Ryan.

“Many thanks to Professor Matthew Ryan who played a big part in my university journey, both during my Bachelor of Business and postgraduate study. I always enjoyed learning from him since his lectures are so informative. He is such a kind and supportive professor, and provided lots of support and encouragement. He not only helped me with my academic study, but also offered great advice on finding a job after finishing my studies.”

Advice for other students
Lena, who completed her honours degree at the end of 2021, has some great advice for other students who are only at the start of their university journey.

“My advice is to take advantage of the support services and facilities in place at AUT, and not to be afraid to ask for help.”

She wouldn’t hesitate to recommend studying at AUT.

“Joining AUT is a no-regret choice. It has a good reputation in New Zealand and worldwide, and is known as a university that not only supports students’ academic performance but that cares for students’ whole self. Enjoy your life at AUT both inside and outside the curriculum!”

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