Lee Juno

Lee Juno

Final-year student, Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

His studies have encouraged him to think outside the box and think about the future, says Lee Juno who is expecting to complete his Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences at the end of 2020.

“The mathematical sciences degree encourages you to think about the future of technology and our society in ways that we normally wouldn’t. The lecturers and other students motivate us to think outside the box and try to understand who we are, and what we can bring to the table. In the environment AUT has created we’re encouraged to continue to grow and develop, so that we can be the best version of ourselves as we progress into the working world.”

It’s inspiring to have lecturers who encourage you to pursue your dreams and to try your hardest, Lee says.

“At times, motivation levels for completing your studies can fluctuate, but in my degree there’s always something interesting to look forward to, whether it’s a paper next semester or a guest lecturer speaking about a cashless society for example. There are always opportunities to learn throughout this degree, including the option of altering your studies as your interests change.”

Flexible and connected
Studying mathematical sciences enabled him to pursue his passion for computer science and maths, Lee says.

“I chose this degree because I’m passionate about computer science and liked the way I could include maths, which is one of my strong suits and something that I enjoy working with. I chose AUT because of its teaching style; the smaller classrooms for tutorials, labs and some lectures worked better for me. It makes it easy to connect with other students and you feel more comfortable asking the lecturers questions. I was also impressed that AUT is an industry-focused university.”

He also appreciated the flexibility the Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences offers.

“AUT is open and flexible in allowing changes in your study plan as your own interests develop. I made alterations to my degree numerous times to fit in with what I wanted to learn, and they were very accepting of that.”

Advice for other students
Lee’s advice for other students is simple: ask for advice.

“It’s important to ask for help and advice at every stage of your career. Sometimes an assignment or objective may be easier than what you think it is. All you need to do is ask and be proactive about your future.”

He knows what he is talking about – when he was struggling to decide which research topic to focus on for his final-year project, approaching his lecturer gave him some much needed clarity.

“In your final year of the Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences you complete a research project on any subject that you choose. You’re encouraged to pick something you’re passionate about since you’ll be working on this project for the whole year. I had some trouble deciding on a topic and had gone past my deadline for my proposal, so I contacted the programme leader who helped me out with a supervisor who was understanding of my situation.

“From there, my supervisor and I were able to complete my proposal and the rest of my project, while keeping in contact with the programme leader, so that he knew exactly where I was in my project. The academic staff at AUT are there to help; just ask for it and they will help you achieve any objective you have.”

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