Leanne Goh

Leanne Goh

Operations Engineer, Fisher and Paykel Healthcare
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering

She loves that engineering can open up a wide range of careers, says Leanne Goh who completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering.

“A career in engineering can vary from research and development, manufacturing and design to maintenance and management. This was very appealing to me. I chose to specialise in mechanical engineering because I enjoy working with large structures and wanted to understand the properties of materials.”

She has enjoyed the many opportunities she had access to during her time at AUT, Leanne says.

“There were always things to do besides studying, from student events to volunteering for the students’ association. A highlight for me was being a student ambassador. It gave me a sense of belonging, with a group of people I could trust and have fun with. It also opened the opportunity to learn about how the university works behind the scenes.”

Valuable international experience
Being able to intern at the prestigious Fraunhofer Institute in Germany was another highlight of her studies, Leanne says.

“Thanks to the international connections of Associate Professor Tim Pasang, the head of AUT’s mechanical engineering department, I had the opportunity to carry out a three-month engineering internship in Berlin.

“Through my internship, I learned about vibratory finishing with ceramic abrasive media. This was a highlight for me because it was mandatory to do an internship for my degree, which means that it was a productive trip. I also loved being able to travel to France, Italy and Austria during my Christmas break.”

Her internship was also a great introduction to the German culture and language, Leanne says.

“All machine instructions and signage around the workplace, as well as the software we were using, were in German, so I was able to learn not only about the engineering work practices in Germany, but also about their language and culture.”

Creating career-ready graduates
During her time at AUT Leanne also decided to complete the AUT Edge Award, which challenges students to develop skills in the areas of collaboration, co-operation, community, curiosity, communication and creativity.

“I chose to participate in the AUT Edge Award because it urged me to get out of my comfort zone and I thought it was a fun incentive. It’s also great that we get recognition for completing the award.

“It was like a treasure hunt – to complete the award, I attended workshops, volunteered at public events and helped out around the university. While I was ticking off each category of the award, I learned about the resources I could use to improve my future career.”