Lawrence Storey

Lawrence Storey

Director/Business Strategy Consultant, Storied Consulting
Master of Business Administration

Completing an MBA had long been one of his goals, says Lawrence Storey who recently graduated with his MBA and has now established his own business strategy consultancy, working with a range of public and private sector clients in New Zealand and Australia.

“I’m naturally curious and had always planned to do an MBA once I had some professional experience under my belt. I had worked in strategy and marketing roles in Australia and New Zealand, and felt that I needed to be able to go broader and deeper to effectively take the next step. I wanted to gain a greater understanding of the interactions between the different components of a business, including the impact that a change in one could have on the other pieces of the puzzle.”

The focus on applied thinking and the effective application of theoretical frameworks to real-life situations is what Lawrence enjoyed most about his MBA.

“I found that the interactive learning environment consistently facilitated diverse thinking, robust debate, and collaboration, which I found to be of great value. The opportunity to work with and learn from such a capable and highly motivated group of people, from a range of backgrounds, enriched my experience and enabled me to grow my network. Competing in the inaugural National MBA Case Competition was also a highlight for me.”

Partnering with Heart of the City
A highpoint for Lawrence was being able to work with Heart of the City for the applied business project that is at the heart of the MBA.

“I have great admiration for the work that Heart of the City do to promote and advocate for Auckland’s city centre, so it was fantastic to have the chance to work with them and develop strategic marketing recommendations to help the city centre thrive in the short to medium term.”

It was a fantastic opportunity to apply the theory he had learnt to a real business situation, Lawrence says.

“The project required me to really consider how theory could and should be applied in a manner that genuinely added value rather than potentially getting in the way. From a personal point of view, I was able to build my confidence in stakeholder management, communication and active listening; all areas that I came into the MBA programme wanting to improve.”

Advice for other students
Lawrence, who completed his MBA in August 2020, has some great advice for other students.

“My first piece of advice is simply: if you have the opportunity to do an MBA, then do it. You will not regret it.”

Focus on the journey as much as the destination, he adds.

“While you’re completing your MBA, make the most of opportunities to engage, collaborate and debate. Try and extract every piece of value you can, open your mind and don't be afraid to be the first person in the room to ask or answer any questions.”

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