Kushaal Maharaj

Kushaal Maharaj

Master of Science (Research) student
Bachelor of Science in Applied Conservation

He has always believed that science makes the world a better place, says Kushaal Maharaj who came to AUT to study a Bachelor of Science in Applied Conservation.

“Ever since I was young, I’ve thought that science can be used to help save the world. I’ve followed this belief all the way to AUT where I was fortunate to discover that the applied conservation courses nicely align with my beliefs.

“I’ve since continued on my path to becoming someone who can help protect the world, and I decided to move into postgraduate study to keep improving and polish any ideas I have to a degree where they can be used in the world.”

Support and inspiration
He has enjoyed meeting people with different ideas about conservation and science in general, Kushaal says.

“I had many lightbulb moments in every class and with all of my professors. I’d definitely recommend AUT’s science programmes to others who have a keen interest in science and a curiosity that only scientists have.”

Kushaal says he has appreciated the support he has received throughout his studies.

“The biggest challenge for me was in my first year when I failed due to unforeseen circumstances. AUT was very kind in supporting me through the courses I needed to take and helped me find courses to reach the points I needed to get into my second year.”

Making a difference
Kushaal has already had the opportunity to apply his knowledge of applied conservation during a number of internships.

“One achievement I’m particularly proud of was being awarded an internship in 2019 to work with a Department of Conservation staff member to help her out in her PhD studies. Currently, I’m working on another internship, supporting a member of the Northern Seabird Trust on their summer project.”

He already has a clear idea how he sees his future career.

“I’m hoping to join the Department of Conservation and help as much as I can. Eventually, once I’ve racked up enough experience, I’d like to open my own environmental consultant agency and grow it into a green company that focuses on conservation research and development.”

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