Krupa Lumbhani

Krupa Lumbhani

Medical Laboratory Scientist, LabPLUS
Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science

Her studies helped her achieve her dream of becoming a medical laboratory scientist, says Krupa Lumbhani who is now applying her understanding of science in her role at LabPLUS.

“It was my dream to work in a lab as a scientist and the Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science gave me this opportunity. I had previously completed a microbiology degree in India, and came to AUT after a long break of more than ten years. I decided to study at AUT after finding very good reviews about AUT online, and getting recommendations from my family and friends. I think I made a very good decision.”

The academic staff at AUT are inspirational, says Krupa who is proud of receiving the award for the most outstanding student in medical microbiology and histology.

“Their passion for the subjects they’re teaching gives you a boost to study hard. I was also very overwhelmed when my lecturers – Professor Fabrice Merien, Dr Holly Perry, Sharita Meharry and Dr Miomir Vidicki – helped me prepare for the interview for my final-year placement at LabPLUS, which eventually helped me get the job I have now.”

Making a difference
Krupa loves having a career where she can serve the community.

“As a scientist in the microbiology department at LabPLUS, I’m working in the physical containment lab specialising in TB diagnosis. Being able to help the community as much as I can is a very nice feeling.”

Her studies at AUT have prepared her well for her career now, says Krupa.

“AUT has sharpened all my skills and provided me with subject matter knowledge I’m now using in my daily work. AUT trains future scientists in a way that shapes them as a marvellous team player and makes them feel comfortable working in a lab after graduation.”

A fantastic learning environment
Returning to study had its challenges, admits Krupa who graduated from AUT at the end of 2019.

“Starting study after a long time was challenging for me, however the highly knowledgeable and approachable AUT staff made me feel welcome. The study environment was fantastic, and I was able to make friends easily. I had so many beautiful memories at AUT. All the mindfulness activities, yoga classes, the library and the gym – all these activities give you an extra push.”

She encourages other students to make the most of their time at AUT.

“My advice for other students is to enjoy your time while you’re studying, grab as much knowledge as you can from the fabulous lecturers, make lots of friends but study hard at the same time.”

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