Kiap Bomm

Kiap Bomm

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Network and Communication Engineering

Studying network and communication engineering at AUT is a dream come true, says Kiap Bomm who is in the third year of his Bachelor of Engineering Technology.

“I’ve always been curious about how information – especially audio, video and data – is sent and received accurately, securely and on time. My degree gives me a better understanding of how our world is inter-connected, enabling modernisation and making life easier through advanced technology.”

Kiap already has a clear idea what he wants to do when he graduates.

“After my study, I would like to become a network engineer or radio-frequency engineer working in my home country Papua New Guinea.”

Positive and practical
The positive learning environment makes AUT a great place to study engineering in New Zealand, says Kiap who went to high school in Townsville, Australia and completed a Certificate in Electrotechnology at TAFE in Queensland and a Diploma in Applied Telecommunication Systems through London-based City & Guilds.

“If you’re looking for a place in New Zealand to study engineering, AUT is a great choice and offers a lot of practical experience. I would definitely recommend AUT as a place where real engineers come out ready for their career.”

The highlight for him so far has been the Engineers Without Borders project he participated in with his classmates, Kiap says.

“Our team of six created a solar panel as an alternative energy source to supply power to a refugee camp. This was very interesting for me because I can see myself applying the skills I’ve learnt to similar situations when I go back to my home province, Jiwaka in Papua New Guinea.”

Support is on hand
His study hasn’t been without challenges, Kiap admits.

“Coming back to study after six years in the workplace was the biggest challenge for me. I found the Engineering Mathematics paper quite difficult because the concepts it covers follow on from secondary school mathematics, and I hadn’t been in school for a while. I put in a lot of time and effort, and am also grateful for the help from the peer mentors and the online resources available at AUT.”

There’s plenty of help if you need it, says Kiap.

“The peer mentors and one-on-one tutors are very helpful if you need more help to understand your papers. I also appreciated that there are plenty of engineering computers you can use to work on your projects and assignments.”