Katrina Sharlott

Katrina Sharlott

Product Coordinator, Go-to-Market Management Team (GTM), Lululemon, Vancouver, Canada
Bachelor of Sport and Recreation in Exercise Science and Management

AUT enables students to set themselves up for a bright future in the industry, says sport and recreation alumna Katrina Sharlott.

“Industry practice is so valuable once you graduate. You don’t realise until after you’ve graduated how important this part of your study is in giving you a head start once you graduate. This was one of the reasons I chose AUT – it bridges the gap between academic studies and industry practice.

“My third-year workplace experience was the highlight for me. This was largely self-directed and gave me the opportunity to apply to any workplace I wanted to see myself in the future, and seek out placement opportunities in my field. I took full advantage of this opportunity and really made the most of making connections within the sport and recreation industry.”

She also appreciates the international opportunities open to AUT students.

“The AUT Internz programme is life-changing for students. AUT is one of the only universities that offers these kinds of international connections to recent graduates, and this opportunity might shape the rest of your career.”

An unmissable opportunity
After graduating at the end of 2018, Katrina is now working for Lululemon in Vancouver; an opportunity she got through the AUT Internz International Scholarship Programme. After starting at Lululemon as an intern, she now works in the company’s product management team.

“In the Go-to-Market Management team here at lululemon, we manage and govern the end-to-end process that is creating products, from the concept to when our products are sent off to the mill for manufacturing before they hit our stores. What I love most about being on this team is getting to be the connector of all people and departments in the cross-functional product team. We have our eyes on everything, and help teams like design, product development, merchandising and planning collaborate to make our products as great as they are.

“I took on this role to get a better understanding of the end-to-end product creation process, make connections across lululemon, and to lean into more leadership, public speaking and project management soft skills. This is something I was interested in and this has really helped me have the best understanding of products through the lens of lululemon. What's more, this role has definitely opened new doors for me in taking the next step in my career.”

The company culture is what she enjoys most about her role, Katrina says.

“I love the unbelievably strong work culture, and the emphasis on personal and team development that shines through on a daily basis. I’m learning more than ever before and loving every moment here in Vancouver.”

Advice for other students
Use your years at university wisely, Katrina advises other students.

“Don’t waste the time you have out of class! Work hard and smart. Take internships on top of your study, or pursue a hobby or entrepreneurial idea you’ve been sitting on. Industry experience and entrepreneurship will pay off in the real world and can lead you to those dream jobs.

“It’s okay not to know what you want to do for the rest of your life but getting experience through internships and volunteering will help you get a better understanding of yourself and where you fit in the industry.”

Networking is key, she adds.

“Put yourself out there and work with everyone you can. Don’t forget to connect with your classmates, after all they’re going to be the ones in this industry with you when you graduate. You never know who you might work with in the future.”

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