Kasun Subasinghage

Kasun Subasinghage

Power Electronics Research Engineer, 3i Innovation Ltd
Doctor of Philosophy

For Dr Kasun Subasinghage, the field of DC-DC converters was the main focus for his PhD in electrical and electronic engineering.

“My research topic was the advanced analysis of the Supercapacitor-Assisted Low-Dropout (SCALDO) regulator. The SCALDO is a novel approach for designing high-current, high-efficiency and low noise DC-DC converters. It was granted a US patent in 2011.

“In my research, I was able to extend the SCALDO regulator for dual-output applications, and this new topology is named DU-SCALDO. This technique brings some competitive advantages over conventional dual-output or split-rail converters, especially for noise-sensitive applications.”

Kasun’s research was supervised by Dr Kosala Gunawardane from AUT’s School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences.

Support for PhD students
He appreciated the technical support and library facilities he had access to, says Kasun who came to AUT as an international student from Sri Lanka.

“My research was mainly based on practical implementations, and the electrical and electronic engineering facilities were really helpful for building and testing prototypes. I was also grateful for the technicians’ help throughout my studies.

“The library support was excellent too – they provided access to many scientific journals via online libraries. AUT also had most of the software packages required for my circuit modelling and simulations.”

Kasun also appreciated the funding he received to help him purchase all the hardware he needed for prototyping, and to attend international conferences where he could present his research and network with other researchers in the same field.

A new start
Now employed as a power electronics research engineer at 3i Innovation, Kasun enjoys working in the same field he specialised in for his PhD.

“I’m helping 3i Innovation with new product development for wireless power-based lighting applications.

“The knowledge and experience I developed through my PhD helped me to solve problems systematically, and I enjoy keeping myself updated with the latest technology.”

In addition to his role at 3i Innovation, Kasun is also sharing his passion for electrical and electronic engineering with other students through his role as a part-time lecturer at AUT.

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