Kai Schaedlich

Kai Schaedlich

Doctor of Philosophy candidate
Bachelor of Business (Honours)
Bachelor of Business in Information Systems

How will the rise of flexible working arrangements and work-based social media collaboration tools impact work practices? That’s the interesting topic Kai Schaedlich is exploring for his PhD in information systems.

“My PhD research focuses on the increase of flexible working arrangements and the popularity of work-based social media collaboration tools.

“Flexible working arrangements have become the new normal, and we need to better understand the new work practices that emerge from the use of these enterprise social media technologies, and how these new practices may shape organisational structures.”

Kai’s research is supported by a Vice-Chancellor’s Doctoral Scholarship and supervised by Professor Bill Doolin and Dr Lena Waizenegger from the AUT Business School.

Finding his path
Kai’s AUT journey started in 2015 when he enrolled in a Bachelor of Business with the goal of becoming a chartered accountant.

“I had worked in accounting in my home country Germany and wanted to become a qualified accountant. AUT’s website had very good information about undergraduate accounting opportunities, so I came to AUT to study a Bachelor of Business in Accounting to prepare me for enrolling in a New Zealand chartered accounting programme.”

However, life had other plans and Kai soon discovered his passion for a very different business discipline; information systems.

“Alongside my accounting courses I also enrolled in some information system courses, and became totally fascinated by the topics, lectures and workshops. That’s when I found my passion for information systems and left the accounting world behind me. I appreciate how the information system lecturers helped me find new interests and knowledge in a different field after working in accounting for so many years.

“After I completed my Bachelor of Business, the faculty postgraduate office encouraged me to start a Bachelor of Business (Honours). I’m so very grateful I received this opportunity to explore doing research in the field I’ve become so passionate about. The postgraduate workshops and the lecturers helped me grow and find out what I really want for my future career.”

The support to succeed
Kai is proud of how far he has come throughout his time at university.

“Frankly, I had never dreamt of doing a PhD, and before that I had never dreamt of doing postgraduate study and writing a whole dissertation in English, which is my second language. The information systems lecturers and staff from the postgraduate office have been extremely encouraging throughout this journey, and helped me go further and climb the next mountain.”

Expecting to complete his PhD in 2024, Kai already has a good idea how he sees his future.

“I’d like to stay in research and also teach students about the diverse area of information systems.”

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