Junior Timothy Doedoke

Junior Timothy Doedoke

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Construction Engineering

He has always been interested in building things, says construction engineering student Junior Timothy Doedoke who came to AUT as an international student from the Solomon Islands, supported by a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade NZ Scholarship.

“I chose to study construction engineering because it was always my passion to build things and be creative. Good construction engineering means that you can be sure of your safety and everyone else’s because you’ve learnt to design, plan, construct and manage infrastructures, and you contribute to ensuring a fun and safe environment for you and your community to live in.”

Once he graduates, he plans to contribute to the development of his country’s infrastructure and work in the building industry as a construction engineer.

“My goal is to help design, plan and carry out innovative construction projects that can be beneficial to the economy while being safe and sustainable. I’d like to replace any old and shabby buildings with new and innovative ones while ensuring that the limited resources we have are used in the most efficient way possible.”

Memorable experiences
The range of courses and the multicultural student community are what Junior enjoys most about his studies.

“The variety of courses helps broaden my understanding of the engineering world and gives me an appreciation of my path towards becoming an engineer. By collaborating with my classmates on tasks, we also learn a lot from each other and thus strengthen our networking skills.”

One of his most memorable moments so far was during one of his engineering design classes, Junior says.

“The lecturer, who is a tremendous person, taught me a very important lesson that day. I’ve learnt that being an engineer isn’t just about being smart and earning a large income; it’s about changing and improving the world by developing innovative ideas and implementing them in the best way possible. At that moment, I truly realised the importance of engineering.”

Advice for other students
Now in the final year of his studies, Junior has some great advice for other students.

“My advice is this: there’s no such thing as ‘can’t’. If others who have gone before us can do it, and we can too. We have to carefully choose the path we want to follow because the future is in our hands.”

While Junior admits that studying during the global COVID-19 pandemic has had its challenges, he appreciates the help available to AUT students.

“The biggest challenge I’ve faced so far was during New Zealand’s COVID-19 lockdown periods and moving to online learning. AUT has helped us a lot by providing data and laptops, which were both essential for our online learning. I had also received some additional help online through the peer mentoring and tutoring programmes run by AUT.”

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