Julianna Jung

Julianna Jung

Design and Workroom Assistant, Taylor Boutique/The Shelter
Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design

The highlight of her time at AUT was being in an environment of creatives, says fashion design alumna Julianna Jung.

“I decided to study fashion because I wanted to be in a place where I have the freedom to express my creativity and could learn to understand myself as a designer. I loved working with other fashion design students, having a place to share ideas and support one another, and getting guidance from experienced fashion lecturers. I’ve met some great people during my time at AUT and it’s amazing how much you can learn from each other.”

Julianna’s love of fashion design didn’t go unnoticed, and throughout her studies she had plenty of opportunities to showcase her designs.

“In my first year, I was selected to present my first design at the graduate show. I was also able to present my final-year graduate collection at the Rookie fashion show where a few selected AUT fashion design graduates could present their work to the industry and family. Seeing my collection on the catwalk was a very memorable time for me.”

A rewarding journey
In addition to her studies, Julianna also managed to find the time to intern at high-end fashion concept store Taylor Boutique/The Shelter; an opportunity that has now turned into a full-time career.

“I started interning in the head office of Taylor Boutique/The Shelter in my first year of studying. Being able to work while studying enabled me to apply the skills I learned at work to my studies at AUT, and apply what I had learned in my studies in the workplace.

“It’s now been over three years with the company and I’ve created amazing relationship with people in the industry and clients. I got to learn so much from seeing how the company works and grows. I’m managing the stores, creating window displays, and am involved in social media, events, marketing and buying. I also work in the workroom, helping the head production manager. As a young designer it has been very helpful to see the full spectrum of the business.”

She has been offered some amazing opportunities during her journey, Julianna says.

“Some of the highlights for me include being able to design an outfit for a band and installing my collection in a store at The Shelter. That was my first time to have my work out there in the industry, which was a huge learning curve for me. I’m grateful and proud of myself for growing within the company, from starting as an intern to recently being offered the position of design and workroom assistant.”

Advice for other students
Having graduated at the end of 2019, Julianna has some great advice for other students.

“My advice is to take up all the opportunities that come to you. Never judge anything as too good or bad for you, as that one small chance could lead you to many more doors than you ever could have expected.”

Her other piece of advice is to learn to understand your pace.

“Everyone works at a different pace, so don’t compare yourself with others. Focus on your potential and your own pace, and you’ll get there in the end.”

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