Joy Wood

Joy Wood

Growth and Partnerships Manager, Goodworld, Washington DC
Bachelor of Business in Marketing, Advertising, Retailing and Sales & Bachelor of Communication Studies in Advertising Creativity

She had been dreaming of the AUT Internz Scholarship since her first year at university, says Joy Wood who is now interning at Goodworld in Washington DC through the AUT Internz programme.

“This had been a goal of mine since my first year of university. I saw many of my friends go through the programme after their studies, and have always dreamt of an opportunity like this.

“In my final year, one of my marketing lecturers actively reached out to me and suggested that I apply for this internship. I was extremely happy that AUT staff saw that I could be a suitable candidate for this amazing opportunity. I appreciated that our lecturers constantly encouraged us to participate in university and non-university affiliated events, competitions and, in my case, the AUT Internz programme.”

Making a difference
As a growth and partnerships manager at Goodworld, Joy helps non-profit organisations reach their fundraising goals.

“This internship was particularly interesting to me because, like any millennial, I spend too much time on social media, but am also very concerned with social, economic and environmental challenges in the world. Goodworld’s #donate function allows social media users to instantaneously give to charities; ultimately attracting younger generations by weaving philanthropic giving into their day-to-day life.”

She enjoys the diversity of her role, Joy says.

“What I enjoy most about this role, is the variety in the day to day and the different non-profit organisations that I connect with. And the team here are great – they’ve been super supportive since day one and have made sure that I’m settled in well in this new environment.”

Advice for other students
Learning isn’t confined to the classroom environment, Joy advises other students.

“Make sure to apply for various jobs, internships, leadership courses, conferences and any other programmes that might be of interest to you. Believe it or not, there are a lot of opportunities out there especially for students – from free tickets for very expensive conferences, to careers info sessions and short-term internships.

“Through my various part-time roles and internships, I was exposed to different roles which ultimately helped me navigate my own career path.”

Building strong networks is important, she adds.

“University can be very challenging at times! My advice would be to build strong networks with academic staff, other students and industry professionals while you’re at university. New Zealand industries are very tightknit and connections can really help.”

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