Joshua Baxter

Joshua Baxter

Digital Product Designer, RUSH Digital
Bachelor of Creative Technologies

His second year at university was a bit of a revelation, says creative technologies alumnus Joshua Baxter who now works as a digital product designer.

“About halfway through my second year I started to realise that I was in a space that I could really make my own. The structure of the creative technologies degree encourages you to take control of what you want to learn and where you want to take your degree. For me this was invaluable as coming into university I had a clear idea of what I was interested in but didn’t have the slightest clue as to how those interests could translate into a career.”

Tailor your degree to achieve your goals, Joshua advises other students.

“Don’t be afraid to stretch the boundaries of your degree to fit around the things you want to learn and where you want to go. AUT is a place that not only allows you to do that but encourages it.”

A future-focused learning environment
Choosing to study creative technologies was easy, says Joshua.

“I’ve always had a passion for all things design and technology. The way the Bachelor of Creative Technologies brought these two together in a future-focused learning environment was what drew me to the programme.

"The people and the place would have to be the highlight of AUT for me. In the collaborative studio environment, you’re surrounded by a diverse range of people and skillsets. I think a huge part of what you take away from the creative technologies programme comes from the people around you and what you learn from each other. The studio environment really prompts you to draw and build on each other’s strengths, and that evidently leads to the production of some pretty awesome work."

Throughout his studies, Joshua also had a number of achievements he is particularly proud of, including receiving a Year 3 Outstanding Creative Technologist Award, Creative Technologies Year 3 Excellence Award, Internz International Scholarship, and ad:tech awards for two of the projects he worked on. His project Pilgrim was also a finalist in the student interactive category in the 2019 Best Awards.

A creative and innovative career
Since graduating from AUT at the end of 2019, Joshua now works as a digital product designer for RUSH Digital.

“In this role, I work across marketing, branding, user experience and interface design to develop and deliver digital products that put people first. I get to be a part of a bunch of innovative projects that are on the cutting edge of the New Zealand and global tech scene while working alongside some super talented designers, thinkers and engineers along the way.”

He constantly draws on the skills he developed throughout his time at AUT.

“The breadth of AUT’s creative technologies degree really has helped equip me with the broad range of skills that are needed in the real world. Every day there are new challenges and problems we face and there is no one pathway that can prepare you for how to solve them. I feel that my degree really prepared me with an understanding of how to navigate any given problem no matter its size.”

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