Jolene Alapatt

Jolene Alapatt

ICT Desktop Support, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences in Computational Intelligence & IT Service Science

Technology has changed how we run businesses, and store and exchange information, says AUT computing alumna Jolene Alapatt who now works for Fisher & Paykel Healthcare.

“Everything has become digitalised and automated, but much of the IT process actually relies on creativity and problem solving.

“I decided to study the Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences because it provides you with the unique opportunity to use your learning about technology to come up with innovative solutions. I’ve always had a passion for working with computers and other devices. I also liked the idea of breaking the stereotype and moving into a traditionally male-oriented sector like computing.”

Creating career-ready graduates
There’s an incredible network of support at AUT, Jolene says.

“AUT has a community feel where everyone is willing to help each other, whether they’re students or staff. AUT is known for teaching the skills that are relevant to the industry and I like that it offers workplace experience as part of your degree.

“For our final-year project, four of us worked for ASB to solve a range of business problems. I thoroughly enjoyed the project and learned a great deal. I was incredibly grateful to have been given such an opportunity while still at university and our client was completely supportive every step of the way.”

Jolene also enjoyed participating in the ICT and Engineering Careers Fair.

“The ICT and Engineering Careers Fair was a great opportunity to get in touch with the industry experts and explore all aspects of the subjects. The technology industry needs more women, and it feels very positive to encourage other young women to think about a career in IT.”

Better user experience
After graduating at the end of 2016, Jolene now enjoys providing ICT desktop support for Fisher & Paykel Healthcare.

“My duties range from remote desktop assistance to providing support over the telephone to troubleshooting issues that arise with computers. I also write blogs and create documentation so other team members can follow and guide users within the company.

“The aspect I personally enjoy the most about this role is the face-to-face interaction with our clients, and the satisfaction I get when I can solve an issue and educate someone about how to stop the issue from re-occurring.”

She constantly draws on the skills she developed at AUT, Jolene says.

“Perhaps the most obvious skill I’ve developed from being a full-time student is time management. After you’ve been juggling work, deadlines and research for a few years, you learn how to handle the pressure of working on several tasks at the same time. The social networking skills I’ve developed through our study group discussions can also help to make a workplace meeting run more smoothly.”