John Nottage

John Nottage

Senior Communications Advisor for Alliances, Auckland Transport
Bachelor of Communication Studies in Public Relations

He loves being able to show Aucklanders what’s happening in transport and how exciting the future is, says John Nottage who is now a senior communications advisor for Auckland Transport.

“I love this city, and showing how fast we’re growing is incredible. My role is the interface between Auckland Transport's project teams and our international partners. The most obvious project is the City Rail Link, but I also provide communications advice on new trains being delivered, the Auckland Light Rail project and the Supporting Growth Alliance.

“Auckland Transport has such a wide range of responsibilities that I’m dealing with several scenarios at any given time.”

He constantly draws on the skills he developed while studying at AUT, John says.

“Public relations is a huge part of my role, and the experience I gained through AUT is integral to what I do daily. The skills I learned for video production, radio interviews and even Photoshop put me ahead of most of my colleagues and I believe it’s what gave me the role.”

Creating world-ready graduates
The Bachelor of Communication Studies was an obvious choice for him, John says.

“I knew that I wanted to work with people and help organisations get their messaging out to the wider public. I had heard from friends that the communication studies degree at AUT had provided them with the knowledge and resources that led them into their roles. Once I had viewed the degree structure and visited the campus, I knew it was the choice for me.”

There were many highlights throughout his studies.

“Being able to meet with an organisation and be given a real-life situation to solve and provide PR advice for was really a turning point for me. Suddenly, everything we had learnt in lectures, tutorials and group assignments clicked and I was ready to put my best foot forward.

“On top of that, the access to such amazing lecturers and tutors was fantastic. These are people with real-life experience – many of them still working in the industry.”

Advice for other students
John, who graduated at the end of 2016, has some great advice for other students.

“The communications degree is fantastic, and no doubt your fellow students will be just as excited as you. Help each other where you can and keep in touch. You never know when they’ll be useful contacts when you’re out in the workforce.”

AUT is a great place to learn, he adds.

“At AUT you have access to industry leaders, amazing resources and incredible support staff – make sure you use all of it! Don’t be afraid to ask for help; it will change your experience completely.”

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