Joe Prisk

Joe Prisk

Artist / Front-End Developer, General Studios
Master of Art and Design with First Class Honours
Bachelor of Visual Arts

Deciding to study visual arts was easy, says Joe Prisk who completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts as well as a Master of Art and Design.

“I chose to study visual arts at AUT because it provided me with the opportunity to develop creative processes and conceptual thinking; two skills that I believe are very versatile.

“What I liked about studying at AUT is that it sets up the platform for bright students to apply themselves and develop opportunities to contribute to the world.”

Networking and connections
His first year changed his perception of art, says Joe who received a number of awards during his studies including the Graduate Painting Award and the Gordon Harris Excellence in Art Award.

“The lectures in my first and second year were among the highlights of my studies. These lectures shifted how I thought about art, and set up a great basis for my future learning.”

Other highlights for Joe were the opportunities to engage with visiting artists and academics.

“AUT facilitated a number of exhibition openings, guest lectures and short courses. These led to the opportunity to learn analogue filmmaking and processing with Solomon Nagler, support Ko Nakajima and Simon Morris with their exhibitions and, with my peers, contribute to putting on the exhibitions Assembly at St Paul St Gallery and The Lab as part of the 5th Auckland Triennial.”

Continued discussion through art making
After graduating in 2014, Joe founded artist-run space Glovebox Ltd alongside some other AUT graduates.

He now splits his time between artist collective Public Share and his role as a front-end developer at General Studios.

“I’m particularly proud to be involved in the New Zealand artist collective Public Share, which combines object making and site exploration with social engagement and critique. We’ve been working together since 2014. Through the collective I get a huge amount of support, stimulation and am involved in a continued discussion through art making.

“In my work as a front-end developer, I enjoy the challenges of my work and the fact that I’m constantly learning new things.”

The Master of Art and Design has been replaced by the Master of Visual Arts.

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