Joann John

Joann John

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Science in Psychology

She has always been interested in psychology and understanding people’s behaviour, says Joann John who came to AUT to complete a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

“I believe that having the ability to understand people and why things are the way they are, and to find ways to help the person, are some of life’s greatest achievements.

“To be yourself in a professional manner is a blessing, and I believe that psychology really does allow me to be myself and understand things in ways I would have never thought of. I feel extremely happy when I think about my future with psychology as there are unlimited pathways and career opportunities that are all about helping people in one way or another.”

Supported to thrive
AUT is a very supportive and considerate place to study, says Joann who transferred to AUT in her second year and is proud of the academic progression she has made throughout her studies.

“For me, I have to like my environment to be able to succeed in what I do. AUT offers a safe and welcoming atmosphere, and I’m glad that I got the opportunity to be a part of a great university. AUT has some of the best lecturers and tutors. They care about our future and are willing to give us all the help we need to reach our goal. Another highlight would be making some really good friends over the years.”

She is grateful for the support she has received while studying at AUT.

“COVID-19 really put a lot of stress on things, and I was worried that online learning might make me fail and I wouldn’t graduate in time. But AUT really helped. The lecturers have been amazing, and the psychology department has also been a huge help. They kept us sane and motivated us during the past two years to keep going.

“I also have to mention the help I ‘ve received from the School of Science over the years. I transferred to AUT in 2020, and they sorted out cross-credits for my previous study, helped me choose the right courses and kept me on track with my studies.”

The right university environment
She initially chose AUT because of its culture and the positive vibes on campus, says Joann who plans to move to Wellington in the future to take on further study in forensic psychology.

“AUT consistently has something going on. There has never been a gloomy and quiet day on campus, unless it’s close to exams when things are a bit quieter. I’ve always enjoyed making friends because everyone at AUT is so accepting and friendly.”

Her advice for other students is simple: enjoy your time at AUT.

“The social and study balance at AUT is great. Always remember to use all the resources that you have because that’s a huge gain to your education. AUT has some of the greatest lecturers and tutors that I’ve ever seen, and they’re easy to approach and very friendly. So, have a blast at AUT because you won’t regret choosing to study here.”

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