Jing Feng

Jing Feng

Ear Nurse Specialist, Greenlane Clinical Centre/Nurse, Auckland ENT Group
Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing)

She loves helping people, says AUT nursing alumna Jing Feng who now specialises in supporting patients with ear disorders.

“I enjoy sharing my knowledge and applying my clinical skills to provide the best nursing care I possibly can for all my patients. As a nurse, I can provide health information and strategies, and educate individuals to prepare themselves and better control their health.

“I currently have two roles. As an ear nurse specialist at the Greenlane Clinical Centre, I work independently to assess, diagnose and treat patients with ear disorders, as well as working with the wider surgical and allied health team to deliver effective and efficient quality of care to my patients.  At the Auckland ENT Group, I use my knowledge of otolaryngology and head and neck surgery to assist patients with their journey by triaging referrals and scheduling their appointments according to urgency.”

As a qualified Mandarin interpreter, Jing is also instrumental in supporting any Chinese-speaking patients who have difficulties communicating in English.

Offering high-quality nursing care
Since graduating in 2007, Jing has continuously upskilled to be the best nurse she can.

“Every step of my career has been a highlight for me. At the end of my new graduate year, I started working as a shift co-ordinator. Then I challenged myself by completing postgraduate qualifications in nursing, and moving to the cardiac intensive care unit. I want to always maintain a high standard of nursing care no matter how many years I have been nursing.”

After having children, Jing decided to move to clinical work instead of shift work to make it easier to look after her two young kids.

“For a moment I thought my career excitement would stop there but it didn’t. After settling into the clinic routine, I decided to take on further studies: an interpreter qualification and ear nurse training. Thanks to the great support from the Auckland ENT Group, I managed to obtain two more skills that will benefit myself, as well as the business.”

Skills for life
She chose to study nursing because she wanted to develop life-long skills, says Jing who came to AUT as an international student from China.

“I didn’t just want to gain a qualification, but also skills I can use for life. AUT made a good impression on me with its North Campus and its great international student support services.

“The clinical shifts each semester are what I enjoyed most about my studies. AUT gave me the opportunity to choose the clinical settings I would prefer, including surgical, medical and paediatric nursing. This helped me decide on my professional development direction and career pathway.”

Believe in yourself, Jing advises other students.

“The opportunities are out there – just make sure you’re ready and continuously work towards your goals.”

Employer comment

“Jing is vastly experienced. She brings this to her patient care approach and is a leader at the practice, guiding other staff in this regard. She shows great responsibility and leadership, and has taken on the Primary Audit role in the practice and the lead in infection control practices. She is very good at communicating issues with both doctors and other staff, and identifies problems and pitfalls early and works to rectify and avoid these.”

Dr Jacqui Allen, Medical Director/ENT Consultant, Auckland ENT Group